After our first unanimous selections last week, we’ve reached another milestone this week. For the first time, a segment has earned both a “best” and “worst” nomination! No sense explaining it - I’m @SpennyLove, and here’s your weekly edition of This Week in Wrestling!


Best: The Best of the Week comes from the Best in the World. In short, what Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega have been able to do with their feud leading to WrestleKingdom 12 has been nothing short of outstanding; even outside of their promotional work around the match, the history behind it is enough to entice any casual wrestling fan. It’s Y2J’s first match in Japan in over 12 years, and it comes against a man regarded by many as the greatest wrestler in the world today. However, the work these two have put into building this feud may be my favourite build to a match in years. Whether it be Jericho’s initial promo on Omega - which came completely by surprise - or the attack in the video above, it’s all been great. While Omega may be the best right now, I stand by Jericho being the Greatest of All Time.

Worst: We go from an Attitude-Era Superstar who’s potentially putting on the best work of his career, to an Attitude-Era Superstar who’s literally so past his prime he’s running for public office. Let me preface this by saying that Kane, like his kayfabe brother the Undertaker, is the ultimate company man. He’s been not only a fantastic wrestler for the last two decades, but a phenomenal employee for WWE; any task he’s been handed, he’s not only done, but done well. A personal favourite of mine, the Big Red Machine is a guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer, in my eyes. However, at this point in time, there’s absolutely no way that he should be near a championship title, even if it is just to take the pin. Kane, we love you - but time to head to pasture.


Best: Daniel Bryan adding himself as a second guest referee. This could add a little bit extra to a match that looks promising in the middle of a PPV that has been traditionally bland, even going back to its previous incarnation as Night Of Champions.

Worst: Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns for the International Championship. Not only did they give the title to someone who gets X-PAC like heat when wrestling solo, you also put the title on the line every week on Raw. Bad move for the title’s credibility.


Best: I’m really torn between two RAW segments. I loved everything Samoa Joe did this week on RAW. He continues to reward WWE every time a microphone is in his hands, and had a solid match with Dean Ambrose. Granted, Jason Jordan interference isn’t ideal, but it does tie in with the story. Secondly, how f’ing good was Cesaro vs Roman Reigns?

Worst: We’re more than likely getting a 50-year-old Kane in a main event feud at a “Big 4” PPV.

The Nominant


There were so many ways to go with this, as there still is a lot of value in losing to Brock. Why not have someone like Rollins take the fight to Lesnar, after seeing them face off when Rollins was a heel? Maybe something else interpromotional - BECAUSE IT IS A BIG 4 PAY PER VIEW - with say, Nakamura vs Lesnar? Have Shane McMahon take his revenge a step further and have Kevin Owens face Lesnar? Instead, we’ll see Kane eat a pin just so Braun doesn’t lose to Brock again.


Best: Cesaro vs Roman Reigns. Every since Roman won the IC title we have been treated to a string of good matches involving him. However, when you get paired up with a man like Cesaro, who is arguably the best in ring performer right now (other than AJ Styles), you get a PPV quality match. It’s a shame that Cesaro has never had much of a character or has been put in a proper story line because he is long overdue for a main event run. Great match, great chemistry, and this could be a really well done feud if given the chance.

Worst: Universal Title Picture. Ever since Brock Lesnar has won the Universal title he’s been involved in a few decent feuds with the likes of Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman. He had a phenomenal match with AJ Styles (see what I did there?) though I wouldn’t really call that a feud. Opportunities are limited for his next challenger but a potential triple threat with Kane and Braun? Really? WWE was better off just booking Finn Balor against Lesnar. Kane is just inserted in this match so he takes the pin keep Braun strong. I don’t know which direction Braun is going in for WM (maybe HHH?) but the road to WrestleMania for the Universal Championship is looking highly predictable as WWE is going to have Roman vs Lesnar 2 as the main event.

That’s it, that’s all! Agree with our list? What were your favourite moments from the week? As always, let us know in the comments section, or at @WCSportsCA!

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This Week in Wrestling: December 15th
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