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Today, I chat with one of the newest additions to the Real Canadian Wrestling roster, Quin Hawksley! Hawksley is one of the most talked-about prospects in Albertan wrestling, and for the first time ever, she joins us on the WCSN to chat about her time in-and-out of the squared circle! Tune in as we chat about:

  • How she’s staying busy during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • If her students know she’s a pro wrestler
  • What got her into professional wrestling
  • Her love of roller derby
  • Working as a heel to prove people wrong
  • How Archie Comics’ Betty Cooper inspired her roller derby persona
  • Her feelings on the Riverdale series
  • What draws her to pursuing unique sports
  • Working with Nasty Nate Nixon both in and out of the ring
  • Who inspires her in professional wrestling
  • How it feels seeing wrestlers from Alberta succeed internationally
  • Her opinion on the Albertan women’s wrestling scene
  • Where she felt that her story with Sexy Samantha was going to go in MPW
  • What she’s loved about wrestling for RCW
  • Her favourite Super Smash Bros. character

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Conversations With Love 74: A Conversation With Quin Hawksley

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Conversations With Love 74: A Conversation With Quin Hawksley

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