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This week’s special edition of Conversations With Love features the first-ever CWL appearance of the King of Big Dog style, Lariats and Light Beers, the Southern Psycho, Mance Warner! Tune in as one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world shares his uncensored thoughts on his career and life in general, including:

  • His Loser Leaves MLW match with MJF
  • How it feels to perform in front of an empty arena
  • The first time he got punched in the face
  • The importance of authenticity
  • Why he feels he stands out in MLW
  • If he feels he’s underrated due to his wrestling style
  • The need for trust in deathmatches
  • Beginning his training at 25
  • Learning from Billy Roc
  • What’s allowed him to succeed thus far
  • Comparisons to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dusty Rhodes
  • Which of his nicknames means the most
  • His favourite people to drink with
  • The most unique weapon he’s ever had used against him

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Conversations With Love 73: A Conversation With Mance Warner

The first time he got punched in the face:

“Are we talking in wrestling? Or just in general? Because I’ve been getting in fist fights since I was a little tiny kid. God, it had to be like - I’ve been getting in fights since elementary school, so it had to be around then.”

“In pro wrestling, it would be kind of when you first break in, (when) you start training out there. When you get into wrestling, there’s a lot of people that get into it and they want to learn how to do 450 splashes or go over the tippy-top rope, or do a suicide dive or whatever it may be. I just like fist fighting people.”

“Once you step into the ring, the first time that you get hit by somebody, sometimes that breaks people. There’s some people that get into wrestling and they think it’s going to be one thing, and then they get hit (and) you see the lights kind of go. Now for me, the first time I got hit, my eyes lit up man, because now I’m like ‘this is what I’m all about.’ I want to get hit. I want to hit somebody back. We get paid money to go out and beat each other up, and we ain’t going to get arrested for it, man. That’s a win-win.”

His favourite people to have a beer with:

“I’m gonna pick two, though. I’m gonna pick Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk would be the two I would wanna sit down and drink with. Currently, I’m gonna say Stone Cold, because he, maybe we get him one more match at some point, but I would like to sit down with him.”

“Another guy that I’ve drank with - I’m trying to think of the most oddball one I could think of. I drink with a lot of people, man! It’s hard to think of just one. Like I said, usually after shows I go out in the parking lot and drink beers with fans, they bring beers (and) it’s a good time. I’ll just say all the fans, man. I like sitting out there, bulls**ting, drinking a beer and talking about life.”

The most creative weapon he’s ever had used against him:

“Let’s see, there’s been a couple. At one point, you know the little lawn chairs that you have at your front yard during summertime? There was a fan out at Cleveland, Ohio, that took barb wire and he took out all the part you would sit in and all the plastic there, and he just put barbed wire all around that stuff. I got picked up and slammed on that, and Jesus Christ, that stuff just cut you all up. It was not fun at all.”

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Conversations With Love 73: A Conversation With Mance Warner

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