Since beginning her professional wrestling career, Chelsea Green has been dead set on her goal of wrestling for the WWE. In 2018, that goal was achieved when she signed with the promotion and wrestled her first match under the NXT banner. Since then, Green and her now-business associate Robert Stone have become a focal point of NXT’s weekly programming, which has now escaped the confines of the WWE Network to air live on Wednesday nights on the USA Network in the United States.

Green recently joined us on the Conversations With Love podcast to discuss her time in NXT, including working with Robert Stone, wrestling her first match for the brand against her friend Deonna Purrazzo, and becoming a TV wrestler again sooner than expected. The full interview can be found here in advance of it’s Wednesday release.

Please credit Spencer Love of the WCSN with any transcriptions used.

Working with Robert Stone:

“I love it! A lot of people don’t know that Rob and I go quite a ways back. I worked with him at Impact, and we actually had our NXT tryout together. We never thought we would be put together. We never explored that option. We got paired together very, very last minute, and we both have the same work ethic. We want to go the extra mile, we’re both characters. The minute that we get out there, we put on this whole different front. I love, love, love working with him. I think both of us just want to succeed so bad. We probably text, I would say we text every single day about work, about ‘what can we do to build on this character? What can we do for storylines? What can we do outside of work to make people believe in this group?’ That’s why I love working with him.”

Having her first NXT match against Deonna Purrazzo:

“I was just trying to think - all my other first matches have kind of been forgettable in every other company. I haven’t really been like ‘oh my god, this is it, this is my moment,’ because I think, no matter what firsts I had, I always was waiting to have that first match with WWE. It was huge for me. I will never forget that. It was in Largo. I remember the crowd, I remember the entire match, and obviously, having it with my best friend, there’s nothing better.”

Always wanting to sign WWE:

“I guess with me, I set my sights on what I think is the top. Whether it’s the top or not, I set my sights on the top and then I don’t waver, and I’ve always been like that. I always pick a goal, and I can not get off of that track for that goal. So, although I was so excited to get Impact - and, honestly, I got Impact before I even deserved Impact, and same with Lucha Underground. They gave me an opportunity on Lucha Underground that I was not prepared for and didn’t deserve, but I was so thankful for it. But, I just threw out all of that. I knew my end goal. Although now, looking back on it, those were so much more amazing than I even though they were at the time because I was so on a one-track frame of mind.”

Becoming a TV wrestler again earlier than expected:

“I feel like everything in my career I’ve got before I was ready, except the stuff I’ve been given at WWE. I’ve been ready for that. There’s no better feeling than performing. This is just exactly what I wanted to do, is perform on TV in front of fans, and I’m doing it. It’s crazy.”


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