There may not be an individual more associated with Major League Wrestling than Mance Warner. In just over a year with the promotion, the Southern Psycho has endeared himself to even the most casual fan of the promotion for both his boundless charisma and his ability to get it done inside the squared circle.

Recently, Warner joined us on the Conversations With Love podcast to discuss wrestling against MJF in front of no fans, why he feels he stands out in MLW and what he loves about the promotion among other topics. The full interview can be found here.

Please credit Spencer Love of the WCSN for any transcriptions used. 

Wrestling against MJF in a Loser Leaves MLW match in front of no one:

“See, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game right there, because like you said, my favourite thing is to go and do the fights, do the shows, the events. Right now, we ain’t got a lot of that going on, so to go out there in front of what I’m used to as a big ol’ crowd, and there ain’t no crowd out there. You ain’t got the people to pull from to get that energy, so you’ve gotta kinda just go out there and remember that they’re going to be watching this, and they’re rooting for you, and you’ve gotta put on a fight that they’re going to appreciate.”

Why he feels he stands out in MLW:

“I think, for me - and like you were saying, that roster’s stacked, man. You can look through that entire roster and from the top to the bottom, everybody in there brings something different to the table. It reminds me of old-school ECW. I think the MLW shows, there’s sometimes people that don’t watch it, and then I’ll tell some fan that don’t know about MLW yet, I’ll say ‘hey, go watch this show.’”

“I’ll always hear that. I’ll always hear ‘man, it’s one-hour long, from the beginning to the end there’s always something going down.’ There ain’t no bulls**t in it. The backstage promos are always fun and it goes to something else that’s going to happen, and they enjoy it. I never hear anyone watch it and say ‘I hated that damn show.’”

What he loves about working for MLW:

“Out there, they let Ol’ Mancer do what Ol’ Mancer does. You know what I mean? Ain’t nobody gonna tell Ol’ Mancer ‘do this or do that.’ I show up, and I go out there and I get to do the same thing that I do at any show that you come and see. No matter what company it is, if you know Ol’ Mancer’s going to be there, you know what you’re going to get. Out at MLW, they’ve let me do barbed-wire matches. They’ve let me do empty-arena fights. They’ve let me do backstage. I go out there and there’s always something different going down that you get to see Ol’ Mancer doing something different in a different environment with different people. It’s fun to watch a fight, man, that’s what I always say.”

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