RVV stands for River Valley Vanguard. In their words, “The River Valley Vanguard is a passionate group of FC Edmonton Supporters, many who have supported the club since it’s inception in 2010. The Vanguard strives to be the heartbeat of Clarke Stadium supporting the Eddies with song, chant, and even bagpipes. The Vanguard is more than just a group of passionate fans, we are a community of concerned Edmontonians who’s love for the city and all the people in it helped revive FC Edmonton after the unfortunate ceasing of operations in 2017.”

With FC Edmonton revived and their schedule starting on May 4th, the next step starts in earnest for the Supporters Group. A group that showed fine form during exhibition matches in both legs of the Al Classico series realizes that thy must prepare themselves for league play in the Canadian Premier League (CPL). Wait, what’s “Al Classico”?

…the second set of Al Classico matches took place in September and October of 2018 between the prospects squads of Cavalry FC (Calgary) and FC Edmonton.  By this time, both Calgary and Edmonton had confirmed CPL clubs. Both matches were a huge success and showed the league that there was already an existing rivalry this league needed.” Full story on the phenomenon HERE.

See a Supporters Group does not limit itself to the comfortable confines of home, where possible they travel following their team. Whether at home or on the road, the Group needs to be united. To be united requires planning and beer.

Thursday March 7th at Kelly’s Pub will have both planning and beer. “This will be a very important meeting as we’re getting a start on our planning for 2019, so it’s highly encouraged to come out and join us! At the very least, feel free to come out, say hi and enjoy a pint with the best supporters in the league!” posted Adam Huber on r/FCEdmonton. On behalf of folks who cannot do Thursday night events, I filed an official complaint with Nathan Terlesky. Who are Adam and Nathan? They are your hosts of the Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast and two fine gentlemen guiding this non-soccer guy through being an Eddies season ticket holder.

Be sure to try to make it out Kelly’s Pub to have your say in planning the upcoming 2019 season. The RVV already have a list of chants and game queues but are always open to new material. They are always open to chat soccer, full stop! Let’s work together to make Clarke Stadium a miserable place to play for opposing teams. Let’s also make sure when our Eddies invade another teams territory, their fans go home talking about the amazing support and energy that Edmonton fans bring with them!


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