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Stories From the Past Week

Spencer Love

The Nashville Predators are officially headed to the second season after defeating the Colorado Avalanche 4-2 on Friday night. The win gave the team points in 14 straight games, tying a team record; however, the important part is the Nashville squad now has a chance to redeem themselves after last year’s loss in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“Every team has that goal at the start of the year, to make the playoffs,” said Preds forward Fillip Forsberg in a piece on Obviously, the higher you finish, the better. In the end, all that matters is making it in, and we’re happy we did that.”

Now, after having it’s magical run as a wild-card seed ended at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins last year, Nashville enters this year’s playoffs as the potential Presidents Trophy winner. Will it change the end result? That remains to be seen, but Nashville look primed for a playoff run.

Arik Krause


Alexander Ovechkin scored his 599th and 600th goal Monday night in a game against the Winnipeg Jets becoming the third-youngest and fourth-fastest player in NHL history to hit the 600-goal mark.

So that leads to the question, will he pass Gretzky? Gretzky currently sits at 894.

Ovechkin has been asked before whether he thinks he will pass Gretzky for the NHL record and simply answered “In this hockey right now, in this league, I think it’s impossible.”

Ovechkin, who will turn 33 at the beginning of next season, needs to maintain a pace of roughly 37 goals a year through his age 40 season, which isn’t completely impossible. Just unlikely.

I may just be an Ovechkin homer because I’m a Capitals fan, but in my opinion it’s almost not debatable that he’s the best goal scorer in NHL history.

WinColumnSport’s Saturday Picks
Games Spencer Love Arik Krause Doug Lakusta Ben Ferguson
 Blackhawks @ Sabres Sabres Blackhawks
 Oilers @ Panthers Panthers Panthers
 Devils @ Kings Kings Kings
 Flyers @ Hurricanes Flyers Hurricanes
 Senators @ Blue Jackets Senators Blue Jackets
 Canadiens @ Maple Leafs  Canadiens Maple Leafs
 Bruins @ Lightning  Lightning Lightning
 Rangers @ Blues  Blues Blues
 Wild @ Coyotes  Coyotes Wild
 Sharks @ Canucks Sharks Sharks
Last Week’s Record 8-3 4-7 6-5
Record to Date 74-44 (63%) 66-52 (56%) 13-9 (56%) 65-52 (55%)

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