Let’s make no bones about it: Friday, June 14th was a historical night for Monster Pro Wrestling, and not only because of the promotion’s debut on the south side of Edmonton. The promotion’s announcement on June 1st of a secondary monthly show was one that left as many questions as it did answers. Yes, the promotion has a ton of momentum behind it following a string of stellar shows and yes, following their incredibly successful debut in Lloydminster MPW had proven that it can run a second monthly show in a new market. However, with Edmonton now playing host to (at minimum) four wrestling shows each month, some speculated that the secondary show may saturate what’s already a flooded market across the province for show dates.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case on Friday night. Monster Pro Wrestling evidently knew they had something to prove, and did so in spades in their first appearance at the Blue Quill Community League. Many in the crowd were experiencing live independent wrestling for the first time, and in this writer’s opinion, MPW delivered a number of reasons for those same fans to come back time and time again.

Much like D-Generation X, we break it down.

Let’s Talk Titles:

With MPW Heavyweight Champion Shaun Martens inexplicably absent from Friday night’s show, the main event slot went to the Provincial Championship triple threat between Rich King, Kid Cyrus, and defending champion “Beautiful” Blake Kannon. Originally, the contest was set to be between Cyrus and Kannon alone; however, King’s victory over the MPW Provincial Champion on June 1st had him added to the match a few days prior to the show. I’m sure I speak for each of the fans in attendance when I commend the decision-making skills of whoever allowed King to be added to the battle, as it gave the match not only a unique feel compared to the other singles action on the card, but gave a truly deserving member of the roster a championship opportunity.

As I say often throughout these reviews, there’s no better compliment I can give than writing little about a match. Simply put, Friday’s main event was outstanding. All three men came to play in their first appearances on the south side of Edmonton. Whether it be the high-flying style of Cyrus, the ruthless aggression of King or the dastardly-but-admittedly-effective tactics of Kannon and Sam, there was something to love for any kind of wrestling fan in Friday’s main event.

That is, except for the finish.

I mean, how can one not be upset when a high-octane match like Friday’s is interrupted by the actions of one group? Unfortunately, that was the case in the main event, as Nasty Nate Nixon quietly slinked to ringside near the conclusion of Friday’s battle. Nate ruthlessly attacked both King and Cyrus, and combined with the constant presence of Sexy Sam at ringside in Kannon’s corner, head referee Ben Oomen had no choice but to call the match. The reason, he said, was “an unfair advantage for Blake Kannon, along with too many moments of interference.” While Kannon technically lost the match, it allowed the Cat’s Meow member to retain his championship after yet another close call.

Speaking of the Cat’s Meow, Friday also saw their MPW Renegade Tag Team Championships at stake in a match against Wrestling Royal-TY. It was their first true chance to prove it since winning the title from Mitch Clarke just over two weeks ago, and while both King B and TY Jackson came to play on Friday, they were in tough against one of the top tag teams in Western Canada today. However, it’s no secret that the OG Cat’s Meow of “Nasty” Nate Nixon and Kato are as conniving as they are talented, and that was no more evident than in Friday’s tag team title match. Whether it be their pre-match attack on the duo or their many subtle shots while the referee was distracted, the duo of Nixon and Kato routinely toyed with their opponents. While Royal-TY are too talented to be kept down for long, the team is as effective as the confines of the rules. Unfortunately, with the Cat’s Meow, that’s simply not the most effective strategy.

However, Nixon and Kato’s blatant disregard for the rules came back to bite them. With referee Jaymz unable to keep control, the Cat’s Meow were able to pick up a victory via dirty means and retain their Renegade Tag Team Championships. However, Despite earning a victory over King B and TY Jackson, the Cat’s Meow proceeded to ruthlessly beat down their fellow combatants, forcing substitute commissioner Jimmi to ringside. As a result of their actions, he proclaimed, the team would be stripped of their victory. However, the pair were allowed to keep their tag team championships, so while the end result may have worked in Royal-TY’s favour, in the end, it was bittersweet.

Let’s NOT Talk Titles:

Unfortunately, while MPW Ripper Champion Massive Damage faced Lumberjack Larry Woods in the evening’s opening matchup, their battle had no title implications involved. However, the lack of a championship’s involvement didn’t deter either man from engaging in an absolute slugfest to open Friday’s show. The two’s dislike for each other was palpable, and neither allowed his opponent to gain any sort of measurable advantage in the early goings of the match. However, that all changed with a massive arm drag from Massive Damage that careened Larry into a turnbuckle. From that point, the Ripper Champion relentlessly wore down his opponent and looked to close out the match with a diving headbutt from the top rope. However, Larry was able to escape the manoeuvre at the last second, allowing him to recover for a series of devastating lariats and a massive leg drop that looked to have his fellow combatant put away for a three-count. While, unfortunately, Massive Damage was able to kick out, it wasn’t long before Larry hit the Log Roller on the Ripper Champion for the 1-2-3.

Accounting Sucks, Tarryn Doesn’t

Admittedly, my bias as someone who’s horrible at accounting shows through in the ol’ little subheading up there. That being said, if Friday night is any indication, Taryn from Accounting has a bright future in professional wrestling, even after taking a loss via some chicanery from her opponent on the evening, Sexy Sam. While Sam, a former MPW Women’s Champion, is a formidable opponent in her own right, she was accompanied on the evening by “Beautiful” Blake Kannon.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the numbers advantage found itself utilized throughout the match. While Taryn was able to effectively work the arm of Sexy Sam, Kannon was a factor at ringside from the opening bell. Multiple times throughout the match he was able to effectively make his presence known, whether through distracting referee Jaymz at an opportune moment or simply attacking Taryn with the ref’s back turned. While Taryn had a clear advantage in both power and skill, the combination of Sam and Kannon were far too effective to allow Taryn to finish off her opponent for a three-count. In fact, it was directly due to Kannon’s interference that Sexy Samantha was able to pull out the victory on Friday. As Taryn looked to go for a version of the Lethal Injection, Kannon pulled her arms out from under her. In the chaos, Sam was able to roll Taryn up, and with a little assistance from some well-placed feet on the ropes, secured the win over her opponent.

Mitch Clarke: Dangerous and Fashionable

Don’t mess with Mitch Clarke, both in-ring and in the tearaway pants department.

Friday night saw the man known as Danger Zone step into the ring with the massive Ajax. A relative newcomer to the Alberta independent scene, it’s hard not to be intimidated by the massive enforcer; standing at what I would estimate to be about 6’8, it came as absolutely no shock that Ajax utilized his gigantic frame to his advantage throughout the match. Frankly, even given Clarke’s advantage in both experience and speed, it was difficult to justify how the former UFC fighter could escape victorious against his much larger opponent. From the onset, many seemingly assumed a defeat was in the cards for Clarke.

Well, you know what they say about assuming.

While Ajax was certainly able to use his considerable size to his advantage, Clarke’s tactical attacks served him well through the majority of their battle. Targeting the knee, the man known as Danger Zone used his considerable submission prowess throughout the match to wear down his sizable foe. It was remarkable how long Ajax was able to withstand the bevvy of submission attempts made by Clarke; however, as so many have before, eventually the giant was forced to submit, giving Clarke a rebound victory after his loss just over two weeks ago at the hands of the Cat’s Meow. It was clear that the loss didn’t sit well with Ajax, who verbally lambasted referee Ben Oomen through the majority of the match. However, Ajax was seemingly the only one displeased, as the MPW faithful erupted upon Clarke’s victory.

News & Notes:
  • On July 6th, the team of Rich King and Kid Cyrus will challenge the OG Cat’s Meow for the MPW Renegade Tag Team Championships
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