LETHBRIDGE, AB: There’s a new man on top of Pure Power Wrestling’s Cruiserweight division.

In the main event of tonight’s PPW Back in Session event, Kenn Stevens captured the PPW Cruiserweight Championship, ending Jumpin’ Josh’s 98-day reign with the title.

However, the word “captures” perfectly describes the means in which Stevens collected the championship on Friday night. Though Josh was victorious in their match, Stevens leaves Friday’s event with the title after some unscrupulous means courtesy of Vinny Valentine. Following the conclusion of the match, Valentine absolutely blasted Josh with a cookie sheet, allowing Stevens to leave the event with the championship. Thus far, there’s been no word on any ramifications for Stevens or Valentine’s actions.

Though Stevens “championship victory” may be tainted with an asterisk, it marks the culmination of a nearly four-month feud between he and the former Cruiserweight titleholder. Since the two faced off at May’s Gauntlet for the Gold, Stevens has been relentless in his pursuit of both Josh and his championship. In July, Stevens won Pure Power Wrestling’s traditional Summer Sizzler tournament, earning him the right to select the championship match of his choosing. Last month, the tensions came to a head when Stevens deposited Jumpin’ Josh through a table during their scheduled contract signing, setting the stage for an absolute barnburner on Friday night.

Deliver, they did, with the two putting on an absolute classic for the fans in attendance. However, at the end of the night, it was Stevens who headed home with the Cruiserweight title.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more on this developing story.

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BREAKING: Kenn Stevens Captures PPW Cruiserweight Championship

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