WINNIPEG, MANITOBA: Well, that didn’t take long.

In a Facebook post late Wednesday night, Canadian Wrestling’s Elite announced that they will be absorbing the recently-closed High Impact Wrestling promotion out of Saskatchewan.

“The tradition and legacy of High Impact Wrestling will carry on and join Canadian Wrestling’s Elite to be (honored) and remembered for its great accomplishments in the industry and the entertainment provided to wrestling fans across the province of Saskatchewan,” said the promotion in their announcement on Wednesday. “Effective January 2020, Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (will) expand operations in Saskatchewan and fulfil HIW’s schedule of regular events in both Regina and Saskatoon.”

The announcement comes on the heels of HIW’s announcement on Tuesday night that they will be closing their doors after 21 years.

While the situation will remain fluid as the CWE overtakes the operations of High Impact Wrestling, a few nuggets could be confirmed through Wednesday’s announcement.

  • The HIW Central Canadian Championship will remain active, and run under the CWE umbrella.
  • CWE will continue to implement it’s “open door” policy, allowing talent to work for other promotions province-wide.
  • The Pile O’ Bones Rumble, The King’s Challenge, Spring Meltdown, and BattleArts will continue to run as CWE Saskatchewan-exclusive events.

High Impact Wrestling’s final show as a company will be October 25 and will be run solely by HIW officials and management. Further announcements will be made in relation to the current titles in the company, as well as a more complete schedule of future events.

Tune into the WCSN for more details as they become available.

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