Title changes and match announcements highlighted the past seven days across the province; now, get up-to-date with the Albertan independent scene in today’s edition of Last Week in Alberta Wrestling!

The Headlines:

Dirty, Inc Win RCW Tag Team Championships

  • There’s a new pair of top guys in the Real Canadian Wrestling tag team division, as Dirty Inc (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack) captured the RCW Tag Team Championships on Saturday night in Calgary. While the victory didn’t come without a bit of controversy courtesy of a crutch shot from Jack to the Sexy American Superstars’ Bradley Graham, but whether by hook or by crook, the pair still left Calgary with the tag team titles. While winning the championships less than 96 hours ago, the duo has already successfully defended their championship in a brutal fatal four-way in Edmonton on Saturday night. “Dirty Inc. did everything to WIN the titles,” said Chimera when contacted for comment, “so you can bet your ass we are going to do everything and then some to KEEP the titles!”
Angelica Wins Okanogan Interior Wrestling Championship

  • For a moment, Western Canada had it’s own two-titled female, as RCW Women’s Champion Angelica briefly claimed the Okanogan Interior Championship during her stint with Thrash Wrestling last weekend. Unfortunately, however, the champ-champ lost her title just over two hours later to the woman she’d defeated for the belt, “the Vixen” Jade. Angelica was joined for her appearance in Thrash by fellow PPW stars Sydney Steele and Kenn Stevens. 
“The Omen,” Heavy Metal Set to Battle in Red Deer
Real Canadian Wrestling
  • Two titans of Albertan independent wrestling will square off on Saturday, June 15th, as “the Omen” Gabriel Lestat will take on Heavy Metal in Lestat’s RCW debut. It’s a matchup that Edmonton wrestling fans likely never expected to see, due to the current talent-sharing relationship (or lack thereof) in the capital region. Now, fans in Red Deer get the first chance at viewing one of the most eagerly-anticipated matchups in the province’s indie scene.
Mayhem Title Match Set for Night of Champions
  • The PWA Mayhem title match is set for June 22nd’s Night of Champions, as “the Thickness” Reid Matthews will defend against four other men in an elimination tables match. It’s a stipulation befitting the championship, and especially considering the talent involved should be one of the highlights of an already stacked N.O.C card. Tickets are available at PAWS the Cat Cafe (10588 109 St) or Variant Edition Comics (10132 151 St).


Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Real Canadian Wrestling • Uprising • Calgary, Alberta • June 7
  1. Jordon Aries def. Travis Cole
  2. Steven Styles def. Big Bruce
  3. Dwight D. Davis/Tyson Hill def. Big Jess Youngblood/Scotley Crüe
  4. Dean Richtor def. Dylan Blade
  5. Viking Rage (Vince Austin/Dante) def. “The Universe” Zack Mercury/Brice “the Slammer” Sova
  6. Heavy Metal def. Matt Hart
  7. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: Dirty Inc. (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack) def. Sexy A.S.S (Bradley Graham/Sexy Steve Rivers)


  • With their victory, Dirty Inc become the new RCW Tag Team Champions.
Real Canadian Wrestling • Summer Breakout • Edmonton, Alberta • June 8
  1. Son of Irish def. Nite
  2. Steven Styles w/Cujo def. Big Bruce
  3. Big Jess Youngblood def. Jordon Aries
  4. RCW Alberta Championship Match: Dylon Stone def. Dylan Blade
  5. Brice “the Slammer” Sova def. Heavy Metal
  6. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin vs. “the Universe” Zack Mercury - Double DQ
  7. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: Dirty Inc (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack) def. tagSTRUGGLE (Chris Perish/Meniac), Viking Rage (Dante/Günnar the Pagan Destroyer), Barricade/Dean Richtor


  • Following their match, Mercury challenged Austin to a Glove on a Pole match at next month’s Edmonton show.


Real Canadian Wrestling/Canadian Wrestling Coalition • From the Ashes • Red Deer, Alberta • June 15

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