The rules for the MLB Survivor Pool are simple. Pick three series each weekend and if you get two right, you move on. What is making it more difficult is the fact you can only use a team once. Entering Week 4, we all have burned nine MLB. Do the math in the head, how much harder is it to pick two correct series winners when you only have of a pool of 21 to select from? Along the way, we have picked up another player via Reddit bringing the pool to eight contestants. It will be the last addition to the pool! From here to the end, it will only be subtraction!

Austin C. (The new guy from Reddit)

  1. Dbacks over the Padres; Dbacks are pretty hot and well, when was the last time anyone said that about the Padres?
  2. Rangers to beat the Mariners; I’ll also take a chance on a “lesser” team this week and go for the Rangers who just played the Astros really well so I think they keep it rolling here.
  3. Cleveland over the Orioles; I think the Indians rotation is just too good for the O’s to be able to score enough to win.

Tony D. (The former new guy from

  1. Dbacks over the Padres; the Dbacks are playing good baseball to start the season while the Padres are still the Padres.
  2. Yankees over the Blue Jays; both teams are off to surprising starts. Look for the yanks to get it together this weekend.
  3. The Tigers over the Royals; as the royals slow season start continues.

Ian Wilson (

  1. Diamondbacks over Padres; My financial advisor always recommends gold as a wise investment because of its ability to consistently retain value. Well, Gold Glove winning first baseman Paul Goldschmidt is the gold standard when it comes to ball players, so sign me up for Arizona. Picking San Diego would be fool’s gold.
  2. Mariners over Rangers; I still don’t trust that Mariners rotation but I will take Big Maple over Big Sexy (yes, I know what Bartolo did in his last start) and an aging Felix over an aging Cole Hamels. And that M’s batting lineup is lethal, especially since the Boomstick was activated from the DL. Gotta stay True to the Blue this week!
  3. Brewers over Marlins; As long as the Marlins are playing a team that I have not already picked, I will select their opponent. Activate harpoon.

Alexandro Zatarain (

  1. Blue Jays over Yankees; The Blue Jays put up 31 runs in their three-game sweep of the Kansas City Royals. If this offensive production continues, where the Blue Jays rank 4th in runs, they can certainly go into the Bronx and win a series. The Yankees’ offense ranks 7th in runs, so they’re definitely no slouches. The difference will come in pitching. The best shot the Yankees have at a victory is on Sunday, when Luis Severino comes out. The two games prior lean in favor of the Blue Jays.
  2. Braves over Mets; The Braves received quite the scare this week when Freddie Freeman was hit in the wrist by a pitch. Fortunately, the results came out negative and he’s listed as day-to-day. On paper, the Mets have the edge. Taking a deeper look, the Braves have better hitting and aren’t very far behind in pitching. In this series, I’m giving the home team the advantage.
  3. Cardinals over Reds; Not much to say here. The Reds have been less than stellar and playing away against a superior Cardinals team does not bode well. They rank near the bottom in pitching and hitting, which has attributed to only having three wins three weeks into the season.

Joshua Berube

  1. Twins over Rays; Twins taking the sting out of the Rays.
  2. Tigers over Royals; Tigers gonna eat the Royals lunch
  3. Dbacks over Padres; the Padres will get snake bitten by the Diamondbacks.

Len Nunes

  1. Brewers over Marlins; I honestly didn’t expect the Marlins to win 5 games all month.
  2. Cardinals over Reds: The 3-15 Reds just fired Bryan Price. Folks, this seems like a no-brainer.
  3. Dbacks over Padres: The poor Padres seem to be my defacto “pick against these guys” team. Til they prove me wrong, I’ll keep going to the well.


  1. Brewers over the Marlins; the Marlins have no one.
  2. Cardinals over the Reds; because no one can lose a series against the Reds. They’re only good player is Joey Votto.
  3. Mariners over Rangers; the Rangers are hot garbage.


  1. Dbacks over the Marlins; The Dbacks continue to have an impressive start after reaching the Wild Card last season. This team is on pace to win the division, and with pitchers like Patrick Corbin and Zack Greinke, that could be a serious possibility.
  2. Angels over Giants; Despite Shohei Ohtani having a poor spring, he has really changed his game in the regular season both on the mound and at the plate. Even without Ohtani, the Angels have the red-hot Mike Trout who could lead this team to a Wild Card spot this season.
  3. Cardinals over Reds; The Reds have really struggled in this early part of the season. The team can not get runners into scoring position and their pitching cannot get out of jams. This team is an overall mess and the Cardinals will take full advantage of them.



MLB Survivor Pool Week 4: Not All Of Us Are Going To Week 5

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