It was an eventful past seven days across the province’s independent wrestling scene, with four promotions hosting three events over the course of the weekend. Monster Pro Wrestling made its debut on the south side of Edmonton, championships changed hands in Pure Power Wrestling, and the joint show hosted by RCW and the CWC raised the bar for events in the province this year.

Much like Triumph, we lay it on the line in today’s edition of Last Week in Alberta Pro Wrestling!

Blais defeats Pride at From the Ashes
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  • Saturday’s joint show from Real Canadian Wrestling and the Canadian Wrestling Coalition saw Michael Richard Blais battle Pride in the evening’s main event, and there’s frankly little to be said that hasn’t been brought up already. The match was a shining example of what makes Alberta’s independent wrestling scene so great; the chemistry between the pair is palpable, and every time the two meet in the ring, magic is made. While Pride pushed Blais to his absolute limit, it was God’s Gift to Wrestling who left Red Deer victorious. Now, MRB turns his attention to one of the most anticipated matches in recent Albertan wrestling history as he prepares to take on Teddy Hart at PWA’s flagship event, Night of Champions.
“The Genuis” Lanny Poffo Headed to Alberta
“The Genuis” Lanny Poffo will appear for Real Canadian Wrestling from August 29-31 Real Canadian Wrestling
  • Real Canadian Wrestling announced on Saturday night that Lanny Poffo, the brother of famed WWF wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage would appear for the promotion from August 29 - 31 of this year. Poffo is best known for his tenure in the WWF as both “Leaping” Lanny Poffo, as well as for his run as “The Genius” throughout his latter days with the promotion. Poffo first developed a reputation as a wrestler for his father’s NWA-affiliated promotion International Championship Wrestling, where he was a three-time ICW Heavyweight Champion
Jumpin’ Josh Wins PPW Cruiserweight Championship
  • In what’s being described as an absolute thriller, Jumpin’ Josh captured the PPW Cruiserweight Championship on Saturday evening, defeating then-titleholder “Cowboy” Bryn Watts for the victory. The win gives Josh his second Cruiserweight Championship victory for the promotion following his inaugural win last August against Travis Copeland.
MPW Makes Southside Debut
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  • Monster Pro Wrestling ran the second of their two promised monthly events on Saturday, making their debut at the Blue Quill Community League on the south side of Edmonton. Frankly, it was a standout debut for the promotion, who silenced many potential doubters in their new semi-permanent venue. With only standing room available by bell time, the estimated 200+ fans in attendance were treated to a tight five-match card from some of the best in MPW, with a Provincial Championship triple threat between Blake Kannon, Rich King and Kid Cyrus headlining on the evening. Full results can be found on the WCSN.
The Slampires, Top Talent to Face Off in Red Deer
  • Saturday’s highly-anticipated singles match between Heavy Metal and “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat was not without controversy, as Metal’s victory was tainted by a massive spear to the Omen courtesy of Top Talent teammate Big Jesse Youngblood. However, while Metal was able to get the better of the Omen on Saturday night, the emergence of the Slammer saved Lestat from a vicious beatdown at the hands of Top Talent. Now, on July 20th, the duo of Metal and Youngblood will take on the pairing affectionately now known as the Slampires. If fast-paced, hard-hitting action is your cup of tea, then brother, fill up - this is sure to be right up your alley. Who will emerge victorious in the battle of the brawn? Be in Red Deer on July 20th to find out!
Monster Pro Wrestling Results
Monster Pro Wrestling • Blue Quill Community League • Edmonton, Alberta • June 14
  1. Lumberjack Larry Woods def. Massive Damage
  2. Taryn from Accounting def. Sexy Sam
  3. MPW Tag Team Championship Match: The Cat’s Meow (Nasty Nate Nixon/Kato) def. Wrestling Royal-TY (TY Jackson/King B)
  4. “Danger Zone” Mitch Clarke def. Ajax
  5. MPW Provincial Championship Match: “Beautiful” Blake Kannon vs. Rich King vs. Kid Cyrus - No Contest
Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Real Canadian Wrestling/Canadian Wrestling Coalition • From the Ashes • Red Deer, Alberta • June 15
  1. Maverick Jack def. Travis Cole
  2. Son of Irish/Xander Price/Barricade def. Dante/Dylan Rose/Big Bruce
  3. Kayla Jaye/Alix Zwicker def. Kylie Morgan/Zoë Sager
  4. The Aussie Legend def. Sheik Akbar Shabaz/Big Jesse Youngblood/Günnar
  5. Alberta Championship Match: Dylon Stone def. Cody Chimera
  6. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin def. Brice “The Slammer” Sova/”The Universe” Zack Mercury
  7. Heavy Metal def. “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat
  8. “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais def. Pride
Pure Power Wrestling Results
Pure Power Wrestling • Reach for the Sky • Lethbridge, Alberta • June 15
  1. Dewey Robson def. Shaun Martens
  2. Handicap Match: Vinnie Valentine/Boris Beatinov def. Angelica
  3. “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins def. Kenn Stevens
  4. THC def. The Stormbringer
  5. PPW Championship Match: Chris Perish def. Sydney Steele/Kyle Sebastian
  6. PPW Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match: Jumpin Josh def. “Cowboy” Bryn Watts
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Prairie Wrestling Alliance • Night of Champions • Edmonton, Alberta • June 22

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