This week’s major Albertan wrestling news comes not from within the confines of the province, but from Winnipeg, Manitoba. That was the site of this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW and, ostensibly, Friday’s upcoming edition of Main Event. Those in attendance were quick to point out a number of Western Canadian stars not only in attendance for the evening’s festivities but directly in the action itself.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t news from inside Alberta itself, however, with a pair of big names making their returns to Real Canadian Wrestling over the weekend and the PWA beginning to build towards next month’s 19th-Anniversary Show.

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Western Canadians Appear on RAW, Main Event

Western Canada is well-known for its ability to produce some of the highest-quality professional wrestlers in the world. Look no further than the February 24th edition of Monday Night RAW.

Last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW emanated from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a number of familiar faces could be seen both on the flagship show and the Main Event tapings that preceded them. Many keen-eyed fans pointed out a few of Western Canada’s finest on last night’s episode, including “Hotshot” Danny Duggan (CWE), Michael Allen Richard Clark (PWA/PPW), and “Tasty” Travis Cole (RCW/PCW)In addition, Taryn from Accounting (PWA), Angelica (PPW/RCW), Kylie Morgan (PPW/RCW)Zoë Sager (PWA)Gigi Rey (PWA) and Outlaw Adam Knight (formerly MPW) were all spotted as part of No Way Jose’s conga line prior to the official start of RAW. 

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Maverick Jack Returns to the Ring

Jack is back.

At Friday night’s RCW Wrasslin’ Ain’t Easy event in Calgary, Maverick Jack made his shocking return to the ring, brutally attacking Travis Cole following the latter’s match against Sydney Steele.

Immediately following Cole’s hard-fought victory over Steele, a supposed fan in a luchador mask jumped over the barricade into the ringside area. Immediately, the ersatz fan began a ruthless assault on Tasty Travis before removing the mask and revealing himself to be Maverick Jack. Within seconds of revealing himself, Jack left Cole laying with a massive Black Hole Slam, igniting a raucous chorus of boos from the audience. Despite it being the former titleholder’s first in-ring appearance since facing off with Brice “The Slammer” Sova on November 1st, Jack looked no worse for wear as he brutalized his long-time rival. While the beat down may have been short, it was certainly more than effective.

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Dylon Stone Returns to Real Canadian Wrestling

Another major name is making their way back to Real Canadian Wrestling.

Dylon Stone, the current Alberta Champion, will return to the promotion at March 7th’s RCW: Gold Rush.

As announced yesterday, Stone will challenge RCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Heavy Metal for his title on March 7th.

Though his inaugural run with Real Canadian Wrestling may have been short, it was perhaps the most successful run of Stone’s career thus far. In his time with RCW, Stone wrestled in instant Albertan classics with the likes of Jack Pride and then-Ring of Honor Champion Matt Taven. The man known as “Mr Saturday Night” was also able to collect gold under the RCW banner, claiming the RCW Tag Team Championships alongside Travis Cole and the aforementioned Pride on August 31 of last year.

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PWA 19th-Anniversary Card Takes Shape

Only one show remains on the road to the PWA’s 19th-anniversary show following last weekend’s PWA Fruition in Edmonton. Not only were a pair of cage matches announced for the promotion’s yearly anniversary event, but two marquee singles matches that should have Albertan wrestling fans on the edges of their respective seats.

Tickets for the PWA 19th-Anniversary event can be purchased in advance through Variant Edition Comics & Graphic Novels at 10132 151 Street in Edmonton. Advance tickets are also available through any of the PWA’s social media channels or contacting promoter Kurt Sorochan directly.

Current match card:

  • Luchasaurus vs. Shawn Spears
  • Bobby Sharp vs. Brandon Van Danielson
  • Cage Match: Sheik Shabaz vs. Andy Anderson (Thaddeus Archer III’s commissionership on the line)
  • PWA Heavyweight Championship Cage Match: Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Michael Richard Blais
Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Wrasslin’ Ain’t Easy • Calgary, Alberta • February 21
  1. Travis Cole def. Sydney Steele
  2. D. Dwight Davis def. Brice “The Slammer” Sova, The Canadian Goose, Tyson Hill
  3. Deryck Crosse def. “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins
  4. Viking Rage (Vince Austin/Dante) def. KOTA/Screem
  5. Steve Rivers, Steve Wilde, Katana def. Keshi, Cat’s Meow (Kato/Tony Matchete)
  6. Kylie Morgan def. Angelica
  7. RCW British Commonwealth Championship Match: Matt Hart def. “Headline” Shaun Martens
  8. The Godfather, “The Original” Marky, Giant Orion def. Top Talent (Heavy Metal, Big Jesse Youngblood, Christian Strife)
High Times • Edmonton, Alberta • February 22
  1. Cat’s Meow (Kato/Tony Matchete) def. Celtic Cult (Nite/Son of Irish), Deadzone/The Canadian Goose
  2. Jude Dawkins def. Maverick Jack (DQ)
  3. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal def. “Headline” Shaun Martens
  4. Steve Rivers/Steve Wilde def. Richtorcade (Barricade/Dean Richtor) (DQ)
  5. The Godfather/KOTA def. Vince Austin/Brice “The Slammer” Sova
  6. RCW British Commonwealth Championship Match: Matt Hart def. Big Jesse Youngblood
  7. Number 1 Contender Match: “The Original” Marky def. Giant Orion
Prairie Wrestling Alliance Results
Fruition • Edmonton, Alberta • February 22
  1. “Spaceman” Beri Grayson def. Aiden Adams
  2. Kat Von Heez def. Taryn from Accounting
  3. PWA Heavyweight Championship Match: Michael Allen Richard Clark def. Brandon Van Danielson
  4. Gigi Rey/Jack Pride def. Zoë Sager/”The Thickness” Reid Matthews
  5. Era of Archer Gauntlet Match: Michael Richard Blais def. Bobby Sharp (DQ), Andy Anderson (Countout) and Davey O’Doyle
Hart Legacy Wrestling Results
HLW Calgary • Calgary, Alberta • February 20
  1. Kyle Sebastian def. Scotley Crüe
  2. Sweet Daddy Soul def. Mandope
  3. Short Sleeve Sampson def. Golden Boy Brandon Bowman
  4. Shannon “The Cannon” w/ Ken Shamrock def. Kenny Lester
HLW Wabasca • Wabasca, Alberta • February 21

Results Unavailable

Coming Up:

Pure Power Wrestling • Live in Fort Macleod • Fort Macleod, Alberta • February 28

Real Canadian Wrestling • Boiling Point • Boyle, Alberta • February 28

Pure Power Wrestling • PPW Power Rumble • Lethbridge, Alberta • February 29

Real Canadian Wrestling • Fusion • Onoway, Alberta • February 29

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