Conversations With Love 88: A Conversation With the Von Erichs

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Today, I have the privilege of chatting with the Major League Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Ross & Marshall Von Erich! You don’t want to miss out as we chat about their legendary family, MLW and more on the latest Conversations With Love, including:

  • How they’re managing the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Their unconventional training environment in Hawaii
  • MLW’s recent streaming deal with DAZN
  • Working with fellow legacy wrestlers, including Brian Pillman Jr and Jacob Fatu
  • Being positive influences in professional wrestling
  • Honouring the Von Erich name
  • The moment they decided to become professional wrestlers
  • Wrestling with their Dad in Isreal
  • Working with Team Filthy in Texas
  • Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring on the Von Erich family
  • Winning the MLW Tag Team Championships
  • MLW’s ability to thrive through the pandemic
  • Why they don’t believe in brothers feuding in pro wrestling
  • If they feel their last name has been a hindrance or an asset in the business

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Conversations With Love 88: A Conversation With the Von Erichs

Working with fellow legacy wrestlers like Brian Pillman Jr, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Jacob Fatu

SL: “I love that you mentioned it earlier, like, the family sort of environment. I think that it has a lot of parallels both in the, you know, metaphorical sense and in the actual sense with you guys. How much of a benefit is it for you guys to work with guys like a Pillman Jr, a Davey Boy Smith Jr, Jacob Fatu,   who really do have a bit of a similar experience as far as being second and third and fourth generation wrestlers?

Marshall Von Erich: “It’s just so awesome, because a lot of the guys, you know, in our life, it’s hard to meet somebody with a lot of common ground, and these guys have the same upbringing we had. You know, they had - their dads were wrestlers, their grandpa’s were wrestlers, so it’s been, like, the only thing they know as well. And it really is the only thing we know. We grew up in locker rooms, wrestling has been a part of our lives our entire lives, and so to meet other men like that, and to be doing what our fathers and grandfathers were doing is - everyone’s extremely happy with where they’re at. You know, like, if my dad was a blacksmith, we’d probably be blacksmiths. It doesn’t matter. When you’re a kid you want to be like your dad, an that’s why I got a lot of love for men without fathers, because having a good dad has been nothing but a huge blessing in our lives and stuff. To meet guys with their head on straight with not having that fatherly figure growing up, it amazes me. Like Pillman Jr, there’s a lot about that guy that - he’s just, he’s just a good guy all around, and my dad loved his dad and the fact that we can, you know, that a Pillman and a Von Erich (can be) on the end on the same card again, or a Hart and a Von Erich are on the same card again. Fatu, it really is just - even if we have differences in the ring or the storylines, all that stuff, we’re still always going to be brothers.”

Synchronicity and working with Court Bauer

SL: “I love that you bring him up, too, because he’s one of the guys that I always love asking Major League Wrestling’s fighters about is Court Bauer, and - the synchronicity sort of in the careers of you guys. I know you guys have beat it to death as far as it goes, but just even the fact that WCCW was supposed to be called Major League Wrestling. Gary Hart and Court working together and now you guys working with him. It’s just such a cool, cool parallel, am I right?”

Marshall Von Erich: “Oh, man, that’s it. That’s so true. When we first started watching MLW, which was years ago, you know, we always thought that it would be a great place for us to be, but we didn’t really see how it would come together. We had opportunities to wrestle at bigger, bigger corporations, but, you know, family is important to us, especially in this time. My dad’s in his later days, and so when we got to go to Japan and come home and share the road stories and how, you know, his road stories are so much like ours, it just made us closer as a family. But, having Court, he’s really family oriented, too, and he wants his wrestlers to be, you know, to be happy, and that, it was one of the first times you know - I’ve only known a handful of promoters like that, that really care about the well-being of his men and stuff. So, we couldn’t be happier with where we’re at. And, honestly, we were fans of DAZN for a long time. We watch all the Bellator fights, all the boxing matches-“

Ross Von Erich: “Tyson Fury fights, all that stuff.”

Marshall Von Erich: “Yeah, so when we heard about that deal, we were stoked. We were, you know, I already got like a membership.”

SL: “You’re paying to watch yourself now, congratulations!”

Ross Von Erich: “Yeah, Court was telling us how to pronounce it, too, and we’re like ‘no, we got it, we got it!’”

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