Conversations With Love 58: A Conversation With Kylie Morgan

A brand-new Conversations With Love is LIVE!

This week, we return with an exclusive interview with a brand-new addition to the RCW roster, Kylie Morgan! Tune in to find out more about the Storm Wrestling Academy graduate’s career, including:

  • How a breakup inspired her to step inside the ring
  • The differences between cosplay and professional wrestling
  • Her feelings stepping into the Storm Wrestling Academy
  • How Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse influenced her pro wrestling career
  • Working as the manager of the League
  • The best compliment she ever got from Brayden Parsons
  • Working with Angelica and ZoĂ« Sager
  • Wanting to wrestle in Japan
  • Working on WWE’s Main Event
  • Being star-struck by Randy Orton
  • What she loves about All Elite Wrestling

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Conversations With Love 58: A Conversation With Kylie Morgan

Her first steps into professional wrestling:

“I got into wrestling maybe six years ago. I never watched it before. I’d never even really been interested in it. My boyfriend at the time was watching this Brock Lesnar promo on his computer and I remember walking into the room and asking him - not asking really more just asking him ‘what are you watching?!'”

“And he was, he turned around and was like, ‘this is Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. You don’t know who that is?!’ I was like, no, I don’t know who that is. So he sat me down, basically Clockwork Orange-style and made me watch WrestleMania’s one through 10. I think I just fell in love, Stockholm Syndrome-style and like I wouldn’t stop watching. I started watching modern wrestling, I started watching it without him, I would watch it live. I just kind of went off the deep end, like I had so much time to make up for.”

“So, eventually, I think I started going to the live events here in Calgary and I feel like I went to RCW first and then I went to PWA and I would watch a couple times. And then I finally went to my boyfriend at the time and I asked, ‘what do you think of me becoming a wrestler?’ And he was like, ‘I think I would break up with you.’ I guess I won’t do that then, I’m not going to sacrifice my relationship of seven years over this weird pipe dream that I just came up with. And he ended up cheating on me and leaving me anyways, so the day after that all happened, after he broke up with me, I was like, ‘well, I think I’ve just going to go.’ And it just happens. Just so happens that the best trainer in the world lives in my city and (had) a training facility in my city.”

Appearing on WWE Main Event:

“It was amazing. It was actually my birthday, too, so it was the best birthday I could have ever asked for. It was so cool to just hang out backstage and just kind of chill with these Superstars that are regular, normal people who are just like, cool to hang out with us and joke with us and talk with us. We shook a lot of hands, we talked to as many people as wanted to talk to us, it was so fun. It was such a great night.”

“(Seeing) Randy Orton. He is a walking photoshop. Some of them kind of look different than what you would have expected; some of them are shorter than you expected, some are - they don’t have the star power, not star power, but you know how they have that look on TV that you’re just like ‘oh my god, it’s this person!’ Some of them were just like normal. But, specifically Randy, I was like “oh my god, that’s Randy Orton!”

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