The Albertan wrestling scene was busy over the past week, with the province’s three biggest cities all hosting events in some way, shape or form on Friday and Saturday. Trophies were won, matches were announced, and an event was forced to pivot locations following the implementation of those social distancing guidelines we all know and love.

If you’re not caught up on all the action, now you can be! It’s the latest edition of Last Week in Alberta Wrestling, your source for the most up-to-date information across the Albertan wrestling scene!

Clarke vs. Jackson Confirmed for MPW: The Return

We’re sorry, Ms. Jackson. This is for real.

Certified badass Mitch Clarke is scheduled to defend his MPW Heavyweight Championship against certified nice dude TY Jackson on August 8th at MPW: The Return. The event, to be held outdoors at the Alberta Avenue Community Theatre, marks the promotion’s first show since March 7th.

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Stormbringer Wins 2020 PPW Summer Sizzler

The Stormbringer is your 2020 Summer Sizzler winner, earning both a trophy and $5,000 cash for his efforts in the tournament. His victory comes following wins over Cyanide, Bryn Watts, and Jumpin Josh, respectively.

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The Bourgeoise Are At It Again

Oh, sure, you’re going to try and tell me that a Lumberjack fighting an uphill battle against someone LITERALLY named Rich King isn’t an allegory for the struggles of the working class? Come on, now.

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Beri Grayson Discusses CWE, Storm Academy, PWA’s Status in Recent Interview

Grande Prairie native “Spaceman” Beri Grayson recently joined us on the Conversations With Love podcast to discuss his career thus far, including his first opportunities wrestling at home, performing for the CWE, wrestling with the likes of Psicosis, the status of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance and more. The full interview can be found below.

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The CWE Heads Back to YYC

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Canadian Wrestling’s Elite’s scheduled August 13th date in Medicine Hat, Alberta has been moved to Calgary.

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Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Friday Night Fights • Calgary, Alberta • July 24
  1. Headline Shaun Martens def. KB6
  2. Nasty Nate Nixon def. Big Bruce
  3. Nasty Nate Nixon def. Canadian Goose
  4. K.O.T.A def. Keishi, Machete
  5. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: D. Dwight Davis© def. Tyson Hiller
  6. Matt Hart def. Steve Wilde (DQ)
  7. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal© def. Travis Cole (Special Guest Referee: Steve Rivers)
Saturday Night Fights • Edmonton, Alberta • July 25
  1. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: THC (Deadzone/Vince Austin) def. Kato, D. Dwight Davis
  2. Son of Irish def. Big Bruce
  3. Baconator on a Pole Match: The Canadian Goose def. Steven Styles
  4. Headline Shaun Martens/Steve Wilde def. K.O.T.A
  5. Number One Contenders Match: “The Original” Marky def. KB6
  6. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal def. Nasty Nate Nixon
Pure Power Wrestling Wrestling Results
PPW PowerSlam TV • Lethbridge, Alberta • July 24
  1. Angelica def. Krystal Bella
  2. Jumpin’ Josh def. Boris Beatinov
  3. PPW Summer Sizzler Quarter-Final: Cowboy Bryn Watts def. Big Sexy Beast Bradley Graham
PPW Summer Sizzler • Lethbridge, Alberta • July 25
  1. Summer Sizzler Semi-Final: Jumpin’ Josh def. Sydney Steele
  2. Summer Sizzler Semi-Final: Stormbringer def. Cowboy Bryn Watts
  3. Dewey Robson def. Tyler Knox
  4. Cyanide def. Angelica (DQ)
  5. Travis “The Heat” Copeland def. Big Sexy Beast Bradley Graham
  6. Summer Sizzler Final: Stormbringer def. Jumpin’ Josh
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