Another Steve Wilde match has been announced, which hopefully means another Steve Wilde promo is on the way for Albertan wrestling fans.

Yes, Wilde will be back in action this Friday in Calgary, teaming once again with “Headline” Shaun Martens to take on the duo of Matt Hart and KB6.

For those perhaps experiencing a touch of deja vu, you’re not alone. A similar matchup was announced for last week’s Saturday Night Fights, with scoop slam extraordinaire K.O.T.A subbed out for KB6. However, the advertised tilt didn’t happen, as Hart was the victim of a brutal post-match beatdown last Friday in Calgary, leaving the former Zack Mercury to take on Wilde and Martens alone. Inexplicably, despite only having to face two opponents (which is usually no match for the awesome K.O.T.A), Wilde and Martens who left with their hands raised, which gives some explanation on Hart’s end as to the partner swap.

Unfortunately for Albertan wrestling fans, due to Hart’s change in partners, this week marks the second in a row we do not receive the majesty of Steve Wilde cutting a promo on K.O.T.A. Like two ships passing in the night, the two seem destined  The Alberta Indy Dream Match© is beaten to death, true, but is it too late to claim the first Alberta Indy Dream Promo?

I digress.

Tickets for both of RCW’s upcoming events can be purchased through contacting any of the promotion’s social media channels or directly through their Eventbrite page. Additional tickets will be available in limited supply at the door for an additional fee.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more from the Canadian wrestling scene.

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