The bourgeoisie are at it again.

August 8th will see a humble, hard-working Lumberjack face off with a man LITERALLY named Rich King in what can only be assumed is an incredibly meta piece of booking centred around the struggle between the upper-middle class and the proletariat. It’s truly inspiring to see a promotion attempt to delve into a story that requires such nuance and delicate taste.  Perhaps this is a sign that not only Monster Pro, but all of Alberta wrestling is beginning to mature and take on the hard-hitting storylines that are indicative of the larger professional wrestling business today.

Or, perhaps Monster Pro Wrestling was looking to bump up the card’s match count, and the play on words is simply a convenience on this writer’s part.

Either way, Edmontonian wrestling fans should be excited about this one. Not only are both Woods and King two of MPW’s most popular stars, but its most talented. With the number one contendership on the line, you know both will be bringing their best as they attempt to be the ones to end Mitch Clarke’s 321-day-and-counting championship reign.

Tickets are $15.00 in advance and can be purchased by contacting any MPW staff member or [email protected]. Additional tickets will be available pending supply at the door for an increased fee. Only 100 will be available for pre-sale, so get ’em while they’re hot. In the event of inclement weather, the show will be moved inside. Though not mandatory, face masks are recommended.

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