EDMONTON, AB: Two of the province’s most dominant wrestlers are putting their respective undefeated streaks on the line at Force Pro Wrestling: The Return.

On January 17th, Jack Pride will face “The Millennial Icon” Colton Kelly in singles competition for the first time ever.

“The idea of wrestling a guy like Colton Kelly excites Us, even if Jack doesn’t like the idea,” commented Pride to the WCSN. “Kelly wrestles aggressively, hits like a truck, and is willing to do what it takes to win. He reminds Us of Ourselves. The man is the future of Alberta wrestling — keyword: future. WE ARE THE NOW.”

“Make no mistake, We expect to be pushed to Our limit, but at The Return it’s Jack Pride who will remain undefeated in Force Pro, not Colton Kelly.”

“Don’t forget, kids - Pride is Forever!”

In some ways, Pride and Kelly are polar opposites; in others, they’re completely alike. Both have the ability to be downright vicious in their pursuit of victory; look no further than Kelly’s brutal death match victory at last month’s showing from the Clandestine Society, while Pride was equally ruthless in his destruction of Zoë Sager’s eye in his last match in Force Pro Wrestling.

However, it’s not just bragging rights on the line at Friday’s show. Each man is undefeated through two matches with the promotion; Pride holds victories over both “Spaceman” Beri Grayson and the aforementioned Zoë Sager, while Kelly has looked dominant in consecutive wins over Aiden Adams. Both also won their respective matches at the previously-mentioned Clandestine Society show, bringing both critical acclaim and a bevvy of momentum to each man heading into Friday’s show.

Both Kelly and Pride staked their claims early to being the top star in Force Pro Wrestling. Now, they’ll both get the chance to prove it at the other’s expense on Friday night. Will it be the Man of Two Minds that stands tall? Or, will the Millennial Icon collect yet another victim on his way to the top of Force Pro Wrestling?

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Return are currently available through any of the promotion’s roster members or staff. Additional tickets are also available on the promotion’s Diyobo site.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more news from Force Pro Wrestling.

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