“Don’t be a sissy!” ” Snap out of it!”

So many people who struggle with mental health issues still hear those phrases. Part of the stigma that surrounds folks who deal with depression is that it is fake. When your friends and family do not understand that the dark cloud surrounding you is not something you can just sleep off, what is one to do? For one of YegTalks founding father’s Jeremy Cummins, he turned to Momentum Walk-in Counselling.

Momentum offers a “pay what you can” service to people who need guidance in dealing with the wide range of issues that fall under the mental health umbrella. Whether it be someone who is the life of a party when the lights are on but hates their life when the lights are off or someone who has lost hope that the light at the end of tunnel is still on, Momentum gives people the time to discuss their situation and then gives them a plan moving forward.

Jeremy, along with Brendan Ryder, wanted to do something to support Momentum. More importantly both gentleman wanted to do something to help end of the stigma that surrounds mental health. Enter the “24 Hours To End The Stigma” event! An event that Win Column Sports is proud to announce we will be sponsoring!

The event is Saturday August 18th at 6PM. One hour at a time, 16 teams will work through 24 hours of a continuous slo pitch game. Teams are predominantly made up of hospitality industry workers who everyday see people struggle with their mental health issues. A “Celebrities of Edmonton” vs “Local Heroes” game will play the last hour of the event Sunday August 19th starting at 5PM. While that ends the slo pitch game, a home run derby will follow between 6PM and 7PM.

Tickets to the event are $5 and can be purchased through Event Brite. You will be given a wristband that will allow you the ability to come and go. Parking at RE/MAX Field will be FREE for the event. Tickets can also be purchased at the ballpark throughout the event.

On the Sunday morning of the event KPMG Accounting is sponsoring a free pancake breakfast prepared by Earls. The breakfast will be held on the RE/MAX Field grounds so you do not require to purchase a ticket to the event to enjoy some delicious pancakes. So if slo pitch is not your thing but you still want to support the event, donations will be accepted during breakfast. Inside RE/MAX Field, concessions will be available in the “home plate lounge”.

“Mental health is an intimidating subject and raising awareness of safe places like Momentum is vital. The ability to talk about mental health freely starts with reducing the stigma surrounding mental health,” states Jeremy Cummins. “Money raised during the event will go to support the operation costs of Momentum and thereby helping keep the cost of helping others as low as possible. We must do everything possible to open the avenue for everyone to talk about those dark thoughts.”


Momentum founder Kim Knull will be in attendance for a question and answer session. Tickets to the 24 hour slo pitch game will be on sale.

A $5 dollar donation becomes a $5 gift certificate at Hudson’s. Tickets to the 24 hour slo pitch game will be on sale.

Team registrations and tickets on sale for 24 hour slo pitch game will be on sale.

6PM event begins at RE/MAX Field

  • Sunday August 19 special events coinciding with the 24 hour game -

8AM - 12PM Free Breakfast

5PM - Celebrities vs Heroes game

6PM - Home Run Derby

7PM - Wrap up party at Hudsons on 109 st.

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24 hours to end the stigma, come on Edmonton, let’s talk about it!

24 Hours To End The Stigma, Slo Pitch Charity Event

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