EDMONTON, AB: At Saturday’s Oil City Rumble, Kayla Jaye defeated her arch-rival Angelica in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match to capture the Real Canadian Wrestling Women’s Championship.

The victory now makes Jaye a three-time women’s champion in RCW.

Angelica took it to the challenger early, with a vicious assault that Kayla found hard to counter. However, Jaye was resilient, battering Angelica all over ringside. However, following an Eat Defeat by Angelica, the Champion took the first fall.

The second fall saw Angelica continue her attack on the leg and chest of Kayla Jaye. Angelica took the fight to the outside, tossing Kayla Jaye into the front row at ringside. Despite the attack, Kayla Jaye made it back into the ring before the 10 count. Angelica attempted to charge at Kayla Jaye in the corner. Kayla Jaye sidestepped Angelica coming in, and rolled her up behind for the three-count, evening the match at one fall a piece.

The third fall was anyone’s ball game. Despite a massive Superplex off the top rope, Angelica could not get the final three-count to retain her women’s championship. In a moment of desperation, Angelica looked to grab her RCW Women’s Championship belt. The referee stepped in and took the belt from an angry Angelica. In the meantime, Kayla Jaye had the time to recover, and took advantage of the distraction to nail Angelica with a Superkick right on the button of the Champion’s jaw. Three short seconds later, Real Canadian Wrestling had new RCW Women’s Champion.

More details on this match and more coming on the WCSN.

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