Fry and the Guy’s WrestleMania Coverage: Day Three

It’s Day Three of Fry and The Guy’s WrestleMania coverage right here on the Win Column Sports Network.

Yes! After two long years, Daniel Bryan is finally returning to the ring! In a shocking turn of events, Shane McMahon looks good to go following diverticulitis and hernia surgery. What can we expect from Daniel Bryan in ring after a two year layoff? Will Daniel Bryan get his revenge?

Elias does not have an announced role at WrestleMania. How likely is the rumored segment with The Rock?

The United States Championship is being defended in a Fatal Four Way match. Is Randy Orton becoming complacent? Will it be a Happy Rusev Day?

The rematch that is four years in the making is happening! Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Has Vince McMahon finally got the crowd behind Roman Reigns? Will WWE take the chance and have this close the show? Does Brock Lesnar have a chance with the UFC rumors running rampant?

All this and more on The Fry and The Guy Shows WrestleMania 34 coverage right here on the Win Column Sports Network.


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Fry and the Guy | WrestleMania: Roman vs Brock, Daniel Bryan’s return, and more!

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