It’s Day One of Fry and The Guy’s WrestleMania 34 Weekend Coverage on the Win Column Sports Network. Also joining the show for today is Spencer Love from Over The Top Rope.

Before they get into the WrestleMania card itself, they talk about NXT Takeover New Orleans and the New North American Championship belt. Does NXT need this championship? Who walks out as the first-ever NXT North American Champion? Also, does Gargano-Ciampa have the chance to steal the entire weekend?

For WrestleMania, the guys start out on the Smackdown side of things with the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match. Does this match have show stealing ability? Fry compares this match to an Attitude Era rivalry.

The Raw Women’s Championship is on the line this Sunday as Nia Jax challenges Alexa Bliss. Does this match have the potential to be a squash match? Does Alexa Bliss have a chance?

It’s the Hart vs the Soul of 205 Live on the WrestleMania kickoff show. How disappointed is The Guy that this match has been relegated to the kickoff show? Who walks out as the true face of 205 Live?

It’s the match that everyone is talking about. Ronda Rousey will be making her in ring debut at WrestleMania this Sunday. What are our expectations going into this match? How hard should Rousey be judged for her performance?

All this and more on Day One of Fry And The Guy’s WrestleMania coverage right here on the Win Column Sports Network.

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Fry and the Guy | WrestleMania: Rousey’s debut match, NXT Takeover, and more

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