EDMONTON, AB - A pair of Nevadans will be plying their trade for the Edmonton Prospects this summer as Henderson, Nevada’s Trever Berg (RHP) and Tanner Roundey (OF) will join the organization for the 2019 WCBL season.

“Tanner and Trevor know each other; they were actually friends growing up,” remarked Blundell. “Both these guys fit the team-first mentality that we’re looking for; they want to have individual success, obviously, but more importantly want to help the program of achieving our goal of being the last team standing at the end of the year. We couldn’t be happier adding players like (them).”

Berg, a sophomore at the College of South Nevada, comes with a pedigree of success both individually and through his time with the CSN.

“The (College of South Nevada) is a big-time junior college,” said Blundell of the signing. “Bryce Harper played there; they’ve got a ton of players that have played or currently are playing in the major leagues. We’ve targeted schools that have a track record of success and coaches that are like-minded to ours in the sense of trying to play the game the right way.”

Like many of the Prospects additions through the offseason, Berg is someone who can fill a variety of roles for the organization.

“Trevor can both start or relieve; he’s a versatile guy,” commented Blundell. “He’s capable of giving us quality innings, and we’re excited for what he can do. We think he’s going to be a big piece of our success this summer. He’s been a go-to guy all through his career. For us to have that kind of weapon on our pitching staff, it bodes well for our ability to have success.

Roundey comes to Edmonton from the University of Jamestown, joining catcher Dirk Eymundson as the second player joining the ‘Spects this season. The dual-threat CF/RHP is a player that both Blundell and his alma mater see MLB potential in.

“There are a ton of checkmarks beside Tanner’s name as far as what he can do. On paper, he’s already exceeded expectations on what we feel he’d be able to do here. There’s definitely pro potential there.”

One huge component of Roundey’s game is his strength on the defensive side of the ball.

“We’ve got a big outfield here in Edmonton, and we targeted Tanner as the sheriff out there; nothing slips through the cracks with him,” said the head coach of the latest Prospects addition. “I’ve watched him play, and this guy just gets to balls (in the outfield). He’s where he needs to be when he needs to be there. It’s a gift for an outfielder to have that kind of intuition.”

Flexibility is Key

Roundey is yet another addition that keeps with the Prospects theme of dual-threat players. While initially signed for his ability in the outfield, commented Blundell, his season with Jamestown this season has the organization about his prowess on the mound.

“He’s been a pitcher his whole life, and he’s getting a bit more of an opportunity (on the mound) this season. His numbers are outstanding; he’s improved consistently through the season, and his coach loves what he’s doing out there. We’re definitely going to be using him as a pitcher; it’s a positive thing to have, but we don’t know where (Tanner) best fits in the rotation, but we know he’s great. It gives us a ton of flexibility in the outfield and in the rotation.”

With an abundance of dual-position players, planning the Prospects Opening Day roster has been a unique challenge, says the first-year WCBL head coach. However, it’s not a detriment in the least.

“It’s a great problem to have,” commented the head coach with a laugh.

“There’s no specific formula (in terms of playing time),” commented the head coach. “First and foremost, we need to make sure they’re healthy and capable of not only performing but performing successfully. A lot of that is based on a players ability to bounce back (between games). At the end of the day, we don’t want to push anyone to the point of exhaustion or injury. We just have to be mindful of where (our players) are at.”

Short Swings
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