We’ve hit the 3/4 pole in the NBA season, and we have a good idea who’s in, who’s out and who will be winning awards. Or do we?

Let’s talk about how the rest of the 2016/17 season will play out. Here are 15 predictions that will blow your Stance socks off (Stance! The Official Sock of the NBA, and preferred sock of yours truly):

  1. The Raptors will just sneak in to the 3 seed in the East.

    It will come down to the last game of the season, but T.O. will get that 3rd spot and avoid Cleveland in the 2nd round. But, they will not get past the Celtics. Bonus prediction - - >Casey gets fired.

  2. The Wizards will give the Cavs a scare in the 2nd round of the East playoffs.

    John Wall and Bradley Beal are playing their best ball ever. I can see this series going 6 games easily.

  3. Cleveland will dispose of Boston in 5 games in the East Finals.
    LBJ will see his 7th Finals in a row but someone will make a smart ass comment that MJ didn’t need 7 finals to win 4 rings.

  4. Golden State WILL NOT get out of the West.

    There is something off about this team. Maybe it’s all the games they have played over the last 3 seasons; maybe incorporating Durant didn’t really make the team that much better. The play is much more sloppy, and I don’t like the body language when they are losing.

  5. San Antonio will.

    Kahwi Leonard is simply a beast on both ends. Kerr vs Popovich as a coaching matchup is a wet dream.

  6. Westbrook will have a 45-15-15 game before the end of the year.

    And, he will (just barely) average a triple-double for the year. But…..

  7. Harden will be the 2017 MVP.

    3rd in scoring, 1st in dimes, and the Rockets’ 3-seed vs. OKC’s 7-seed will give The Beard the edge. No word yet on whether he’ll play defence in the playoffs. Or ever!

  8. Steph Curry will not get a 1st Place MVP vote, after being the unanimous choice last year.

  9. The Greek Freak will be the Most Improved Player.

    A sneaky “must-watch” player. So young, and still figuring the game out, but his athleticism and basketball IQ are still scratching the surface.

  10. Joel Embiid wins the Rookie of the Year.

    #TrustTheProcess. Already one of the the most entertaining athletes today. If you can rock your own jersey at the club, you deserve some hardware.

  11. The Houston Rockets will attempt 70 3-pointers in a game.
    They’ve already had a game with 61 (a 122-100 win over the Pelicans), and D’Antoni has talked about averaging 50 / game for the rest of the season.

  12. The Knicks will fire Jeff Hornacek.

    Why? Because Phil Jackson has to blame somebody. What a tire fire this organisation has become! Almost makes you wish for Isaiah Thomas (the original) to come back.

  13. Boogie Cousins will throw a chair on to the court as he’s getting ejected from a game.
    Someone will give him beads as he’s exiting. He will smack the beads away, and they will hit a small child. A lawsuit ensues. The Brow furrows his, well, his brow.

  14. Draymond Green will go all Karate Kid and kick somebody, again.
    What a terrible twitching problem he has (sarcasm). He’ll get a 1 game suspension for it.

  15. Larry Brown will be rumoured to be a lead candidate for whomever is on the hot seat.

    Why? Because let’s be honest, Larry Brown is talking to EVERY team about their job. (See Raptors, Knicks)

The 16th and Grandest Prediction NBA Finals Prediction

  • Cleveland wins Game 7 in San Antonio. The King plays the entire game, then collapses from exhaustion as Danny Green misses a corner 3 at the end of the game to win it. Ring #4 and a Top 5 All-Time place are secured for Lebron.


16 Guaranteed Predictions to End the NBA Season

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