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WWE announced the return of the War Games PPV back in October of last year. The WWE’s “Developmental Division” NXT will host the War Games. NXT TakeOver: War Games will take place the night before Survivor Series at Houston Texas. It sounds real good on paper, the return of the iconic WCW tag team, double ring, caged match. It sounds wonderful. Before you get way over your head with the returning concept ask yourself: Is it worth the hype? Should you Bo-Live in the War Games?

Cageside Seats

What’s The Buzz All About?

In case you are too young and have not watch it on the WWE Network, here is how the War Games match works. It consists of two rings side by side enclosed by a steel cage. A member of each team would start the match and participants would enter alternatively into the match every two minutes. Once all participants are in, a team could only win by submission or by simply, knocking the lights out of their opponents. The likes of Lex Luger, The Road Warriors, Sting and The Four Horseman have all went trough the bloody, violent match of the War Games. The concept will seemingly remain untouched, unless either Mr. McMahon or his son-in-law decide to do it the ECW Way. 

Blue Thunder Driver

There’s NXT!

If you look at the card, it has everything on its side to be a great TakeOver. The event will see NXT Champion: Drew McIntyre defending his title. A fatal 4 way match for the Women’s Championship will feature Nikki Cross, MYC winner Kairi Sane and Ember Moon. And of course, the big main event: The War Games match. Undisputed Era Vs Sanity Vs The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong. I dare you to tell me it does not sound like a pretty good match card. But wait, there is a catch.


There’s Also WWE

Here’s were the “ECW Way” comes to light. No, I do not mean crazy bumps and huge blood baths. I mean the WWE’s version of ECW. As good as it sounds on the match card, we must keep in mind that NXT is part of the WWE at the end of the day. Like it or not, NXT’s war games will be watered down to some degree. Maybe a little, or maybe they end up airing a totally different version of the War Games match. This is understandable given the fact of WWE’s current PG product. Being understandable of this concept does not take away from the slight disappointment.

Conclusion: Dope, Or Nope

Short answer is… Yes, you should be hyped. You should be hyped, but with certain moderation. Not only does the idea of the returning match is nice, but also the rest of the card. Those matches could very well be worth at least half of your monthly subscription to the Network. And the mere curiosity of watching two rings enclosed by a gigantic cage makes it an event worth watching. However, anything can happen in the wonderful world of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, so don’t be heart broken if the war games match turns out to be a mess.


Should You Be Hyped For NXT Takeover: War Games?
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