As a “non-soccer” guy, you will hear me talk about the River Valley Vanguard (RVV) more than the players. In part because the Supporters are the reason I bought season tickets to a team and sport I’d only watched less than a handful of times. Also in part because only when the season commences can one begin to slowly remove the “non-soccer guy” tag from himself and properly form player and team opinions. The Eddies website is a great source for current player news and the Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast is a great fan-based show breaking down the news.

This past Saturday all FC Edmonton “founding members”/season ticket holders received a note from General Manager Jay Ball, “can you believe we are now only 49 days away from our 1st CPL match on May 4th, and just 57 days away from our Inaugural CPL Home Opener on May 12th?” Fast forward to today (March 19), the numbers update to 46 days away and 54 days away respectively. Whenever there is news about the players, it is always accompanied with a picture of said player. Maybe it’s time some RVV faces got introduced to the general public.

Nathan Terlesky

Co-host of the Loyal Co of the River Valley podcast. Died in the wool FCEd supporter. Love Lego, scotch, and cigars. Work in a school, so summers are nice and quiet.

HERE is a link to story to Nathan Terlesky detailing the origin of River Valley Vanguard.

Marcus Gluecks

Hi, I’m Marcus and moved here from Germany in 2005 with the intend to stay for only one year but I started to like Edmonton/Canada and now I’m a permanent resident and have no plans of leaving. I started following FCE in 2012 when Dallas convinced me to come to a game and got involved with the ESG shortly after. That involvement got more and more over the years and resulted in becoming the president of the ESG in 2016. I have represented the ESG at 3 NASL SG leaders summits, once in San Antonio and twice in New York. Aside from FCE I am supporting my home team VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. Prost.

Gordon Walker

I’m Gord. Moved to YEG in 74. Went to Drillers matches when young. I love footy and trace my roots back to Manchester. Glory Glory Man United. I love the Eddies and will usually be found banging a drum in the Supporters section.

Dallas Walker

My name is Dallas, and I’ve been following the Eddie’s since 2011. Watched the first season while I was living in C*lgary. Moved back to Edmonton in late 2011 and joined the ESG in 2012 after joining their message forum in 2011. Since then I’ve been a season ticket holder and only missed 3 matches. I have been heavily involved with ESG. Going to all the events outside of matches, hosting away matches, tifo/banner painting etc… and usually the one leading all the chants till me voice either gives up or I drank myself stupid.

I’m really looking forward to starting this new chapter with everyone. Starting new with a fresh new and positive attitude.
Let’s show the rest of Canada how it’s done!!!

HERE is a link to Dallas detailing the origins of the Al Classico phenomenon.

Why did I choose these four of the first four?

  1. Nathan, as a non FC Edmonton staff member and a non member of the media, introduced Jeff Paulus as coach of FC Edmonton. He won’t call himself the face of the RVV so I won’t either but introducing a Coach puts a fellow first on many lists.
  2. My first game I attended back in 2014, my buddy Graham introduced me to Marcus. From social media follows I learned the Edmonton Supporters Group (ESG) and Marcus were synonymous with each other.
  3. While I’ve never spoken to the drummer, I now know his name is Gordon. Easily the most recognizable figure because of his drums, the man deserves to have his name known.
  4. When the YEG4CPL stuff happened, it was Dallas that answered all my questions on Twitter.

All these gentleman are approachable, down-to-earth and willing to talk/explain any soccer related questions. Every member of the RVV have those traits making them excellent ambassadors of “the beautiful game“.

A Few Faces of the River Valley Vanguard, Part One
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