Saturday night saw the Prairie Wrestling Alliance host PWA Adrenalize, the promotion’s final Edmonton event prior to next month’s Night of Champions. With the promotion roughly a month away from its marquee event of the year, there were bound to be some major developments and boy, did they deliver. A new championship was announced, stipulations were set, and number one contenders were established.

Not caught up with the latest from the PWA? We’ve got your recap!

Brayden Parsons© (w/Kylie Morgan) vs. Kenny Stryker (w/Zoë Sager)
Kenny Stryker makes his entrance at the PWA 18th-Anniversary Show

Despite one half of each team not being available for tonight’s event, the bitter rivalry between the Above Average Joes and the PWA Tag Team Champions, the League, continued to start out tonight’s event.  The stakes were raised earlier in the week when it was announced that the winner of this match could pick the stipulation for their title shot championship opportunity at June 22nd’s Night of Champions.

Early on, Stryker looked to gain an early advantage over Parsons, a former amateur wrestling champion in his own right. However, that changed when Director of League Fees Kylie Morgan got involved in the matchup. While unsuccessful in interfering in the match directly, she was successful in getting Sager ejected from ringside by the referee due to some sneaky manoeuvring. However, Morgan was not as fortunate in the following moments. During her own attempt to interfere, she got caught picking the ankle of Stryker and was ejected herself.

With both corner-people ejected, the match continued at a frenetic pace. Both Stryker and Parsons threw their best at their bitter rivals, with neither seemingly able to put the other away. However, using his agility to his advantage, Stryker was eventually able to gain victory over Parsons with a cover out of nowhere.

Following the pin, Stryker was immediately handed a mic and allowed to select the stipulation for the tag team championship match at Night of Champions, as per the match stipulation. On behalf of himself and his partner Aiden Adams, Stryker declared that the championship match will be fought in a Submission Match. Stryker wants to ensure that it is The League’s “choice” to lose the PWA Tag Team Championships. Did Stryker just guarantee the AAJ’s the Tag Team Titles, or did he bite off more than the Joe’s can chew?

WINNER:  Kenny Stryker
Maxton Flexwell vs. Nightmare #2
Nightmare #2 battles Maxton Flexwell at the PWA 18th-Anniversary Show

It was an unfortunate night to be facing Maxton Flexwell.

Saturday saw Flexwell looking to get back on track following his failure to capture the PWA Commonwealth Championship at the PWA 18th-Anniversary Show. While expecting to face the monstrous Mephisto on the evening, a late change to the card saw Flexwell taking on Nightmare #2. While the lack of preparation for his newly-announced opponent could have been a detriment, Flexwell was on fire from the opening bell. His domination from the onset was clear, and after a quick victory, Flexwell heads into Night of Champions with a ton of momentum.

WINNER: Maxton Flaxwell
The Titan vs. “The Omen” Gabriel
Gabriel escapes the clutches of former ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb at the PWA 18th-Anniversary Show

Two men trying to gain ground in the Heavyweight Championship chase faced off on Saturday as “The Omen” Gabriel battled a former Millennial Rebel, the Titan. Gabriel played the proverbial David to Titan’s Goliath in this matchup between fan favourites, and after a show of respect to start off the match, the Omen used his speed and smarts to gain an early advantage, chopping the oak tree down with hard kicks. Gabriel quickly headed to the top rope and attacked Titan with a double axe-handle in an attempt to knock the monster down. However, when the Omen attempted to go to the well a second time, the former Millennial Rebel surprisingly caught him with a huge chokeslam. Titan followed up with a sidewalk slam to put the Omen down for the 1-2-3.

While this victory is a huge feather in the cap for Titan, many questions arise for the Omen. Gabriel has been able to take the best of talent to the brink, but he has failed to finish the deal and gain a victory since his loss to then-ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb at the 18th-Anniversary Show. What will it take to get the Vampire back on track?


Zoe Sager vs. Kylie Morgan
Spencer Love
Kylie Morgan wears down Zoë Sager at the PWA 18th-Anniversary show. The two will compete for the newly-established PWA Women’s Championship at Night of Champions | March 23, 2021

Saturday night’s action between Zoë Sager and Kyle Morgan was a testament to the talent in the PWA’s women’s division. Both women have debuted with the PWA within the year, and while the two may not be as tenured as some of their Albertan peers, the two have not only consistently grown but consistently impressed. With perpetual presence Kat Von Heez absent from the Adrenalize card and in their first-ever one-on-one matchup, the duo of Morgan and Sager were tasked with continuing the streak of stellar matches the PWA women have presented. Combine this with the hatred both ladies have for each other, and their confrontation earlier in the night, and fans expected a heated matchup.

Both ladies took it to each other throughout this match, showing the ferocity that this feud had developed over the last seven months. In the end, Sager rolled up Morgan in a small package, which Morgan reversed into a pin of her own, and both women were counted down for the count of three.

With both ladies angry at the official, claiming that they won the match, Edmonton Commissioner Thaddeus Archer III came out to not only calm the heated ladies down but to also make a big announcement. It was announced that at Night of Champions, both Sager and Morgan will not only have a chance to settle their feud but be part of a Fatal Four Way to crown the PWA Women’s Champion. This championship has laid dormant for almost ten years, and now will be brought back to highlight the phenomenal talent that PWA Wrestling has to offer. While the other two competitors have not been announced, you can bet both Zoë Sager and Kylie Morgan will do anything possible to become the PWA Women’s Champion.

WINNER: DRAW (Double Pin)
PWA COMMONWEALTH CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (2-out-of-3 falls): Shaun Moore© vs. “Spaceman” Beri Grayson
Shaun Moore makes his entrance at PWA’s 18th-Anniversary Show

PWA Commonwealth Champion Shaun Moore may be hyper-confident, but you can’t say he doesn’t back it up.

Following the announcement from Thaddeus Archer, Moore approached the ring to send a message to his opponent at Night of Champions, Shawn Spears. Moore stated that he is carrying the PWA roster on his back, and there are no worthy challengers for his Commonwealth Championship. Emphatically, Moore stated he was ready to show the Perfect 10 who the real Matt Messiah is. Making his second appearance of the evening, Thaddeus Archer interrupts the talk and decides to put Moore in a title match. With PWA Mayhem Champion “The Thickness” Reid Matthews unable to attend due to a family matter, his announced challenger “Spaceman” Beri Grayson was without a match for the evening. After winning a fatal four-way match last month, Greyson was owed a championship opportunity, and Archer made the decision to have him battle Moore. With the Mayhem Title Match previously scheduled to be a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, this match would fall under the same stipulation.

Fall #1

The first fall was decided almost immediately after the match started. While Moore sneakily attempted to hit Grayson with his championship prior to the match, the Spaceman was able to catch and knocks him out just as the bell rung. A quick cover and three-count later, and the Grayson was up 1-0 early.

Fall #2

Moore attempted to walk out of the match and lose via countout. However, Commissioner Archer reminded Moore that since the first fall was via pinfall, the title would change hands if a countout occurred. Moore was able to beat the count and get back in the ring at 9.9, kicking off a very heated 2nd fall. Despite Moore unloading all his offence on the Spaceman, Grayson refused to stay down. Desperate to take out his opponent, Moore savvily removed the turnbuckle cover as the referee was distracted. In an Eddie Guererro-esque move, Moore faked an injury while simultaneously throwing the turnbuckle cover to Grayson. Unfortunately, the chicanery resulted in the referee disqualifying Grayson, and evening the match at one fall apiece.

Fall #3

With the referee distracted, and Grayson pushed into the exposed turnbuckle, the Challenger was a sitting duck for the flying knee from Moore, who nearly launched the Spaceman’s head into the atmosphere.  Knocking the challenger out, the champion covered the prone Grayson for the 1-2-3 and retained his PWA Commonwealth Championship.

WINNER: Shaun Moore 2-1
Western Lions vs. Millenial Rebels
Michael Richard Blais, seen here at Pro Wrestling YEG, teamed with Brandon Van Danielson against the Millennial Rebels on Saturday.

After cutting his hair at the last Edmonton show, it appears that Kenneth Anthony and Colton Kelly awoke a sleeping giant in Michael Richard Blais.

Despite a standout performance and internet-breaking moment at the 18th-Anniversary Show, the self-professed “God’s Gift to Wrestling” had, in his own words, a lot of soul-searching to do following his failure to capture the PWA Championship in March. Rumours flew around independent wrestling circles that Blais could have retired, broken up the Western Lions, or be leaving the PWA altogether, but other than his fellow Lion Brandon Van Danielson, no one knew what to expect out of Blais at Adrenalize.  But thanks to the cutting of hair, and subsequent attack following the last show in Calgary, MRB had evidently entered a state of darkness we’d not yet seen in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance.

The bad blood boiled over early. In fact, it was simply too much for the squared circle to contain, and the four men began brawling before the opening bell. The Northgate Centre was cacophony, with Blais battling Kelly in one corner of the room, while Van Danielson handling Anthony in another.

Finally, the action made it back to the ring. To say it was a stiff match would be an understatement. Every shot laid in by any of the four competitors seems to have a little extra on it. Thanks to some interference by the dastardly Dr Kyoto, Van Danielson got caught in the ring with both Rebels and had to deal with the stiff offence of both Kelly and Anthony.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, a hot tag was made to Blais and the Northgate Centre absolutely erupted. It seemed from the second Blais entered the ring, the Lions found their rhythm. However, just when it seemed Blais had Anthony defeated, Colton Kelly broke up the winning cover with a steel chair, causing a disqualification.

With Blais injured outside, it appeared that the Rebels were going to take care of Van Danielson with a police club that Kyoto had at ringside. Fortunately, MRB was able to recover to make the save. Unfortunately, Kelly was the victim of Blais’ rage, and with Anthony helpless at ringside, MRB delivered a devastating Brainbuster on a steel chair to Kelly.

With the proverbial “pound of flesh” taken by the Western Lions, MRB took to the mic  He claimed that their feud isn’t over and that the Lions are going to take out the Rebels in August. However, while MRB is preoccupied at Night of Champions with MLW superstar Teddy Hart, Brandon Van Danielson reminds Kenneth Anthony that he is not, and will be taking on Anthony at the highlight show June 22.

WINNER:  Western Lions via Disqualification

The PWA Original Marky vs. Sheik Akbar Shabaz
Target Photography
The PWA Original Marky delivers a side slam to Sheik Shabaz during the PWA 18th-Anniversary Show

Two of the finest in PWA history battled for the number one contendership on Saturday evening, as Sheik Akbar Shabaz and the PWA Original Marky faced off in singles action following months of conflict.

Prior to the match, it seemed as though Shabaz was tempting fate. Before the opening bell, the Sheik called out the mysterious helmeted man who cost him the PWA Championship last month.

Fortunately, the assailant never arrived, and the main event of Adrenalize began. As expected considering the talents involved, the two tore the house down; however, it was almost over as soon as it started, with Sheik catching the PWA Original with the Arabian Edge ten seconds into the match. Unfortunately, Shabaz was only able to score a two-count for his efforts.  Both competitors unloaded everything in their arsenal, as they are familiar foes and great friends.  It was a competition of who was going to blink first.  In the end, neither man did, as the 20-minute time-limit elapsed. With neither man emerging victorious, the match was declared a draw.

Edmonton Commissioner Thaddeus Archer III came to the ring but refused to restart the match, due to last month’s interference in the Sheik’s championship defence. However, since neither competitor was defeated, Archer decided that the main event for June 22nd’s Night of Champions will be a Triple Threat Match for the PWA Championship which will see PWA Champion Michael Allan Richard Clark defending his title against both former champions Marky and Shabaz. Will Marky be able to regain the Championship he feels he never should have lost a mere nineteen months ago? Will Shabaz be able to leave the distraction of the mysterious man in a biker helmet aside and get back his Championship? Or, will Clark be able to use both opponents and their distractions against each other to retain the PWA Championship?

WINNER: DRAW (Time Limit)
News and Notes:
  • The Above Average Joes will challenge The League to a Submission Match for the PWA Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions.
  • A New PWA Women’s Champion will be crowned at Night of Champions, in the winner of a Fatal Four Way involving Kylie Morgan, Zoe Sager, and two other competitors.
  • Brandon Van Danielson will be taking on Kenneth Anthony in a Grudge Match June 22
  • Sheik Akbar Shabaz and Marky will be challenging Michael Allan Richard Clark for the PWA Championship at Night of Champions.
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