NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn - Match Card & Predictions

One thing that’s always great about PPV weekends for WWE is the warm-up. NXT always delivers a show that’s always good - if not better than the main rosters show. Takeover: Brooklyn IV should be no different. With three different matches being the third encounter for many of these matchups, who will leave Brooklyn with their hand raised? Only the man with Three H’s knows for sure, but Win Column Sports has our predictions!

Your panel today is none other than Parker Love & Spencer Love!

Now, to quote Michael Bolton from the hit single “Jack Sparrow”… Lets get to it.

Match Card:

  • EC3 vs Velveteen Dream 
  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match - Mustache Mountain vs Undisputed Era (C)
  • NXT North American Championship Match - Ricochet vs Adam Cole (C) 
  • NXT Women’s Championship Match - Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler (C)
  • Last Man Standing Match for the NXT Championships - Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (C)

EC3 vs Velveteen Dream


Parker: While people love Velveteen and want to see him in the main event, people seem to forget: this guy is only 22. How effing insane is that? He’s got years in the industry, and he’ll only improve as time goes on. EC3 is an established name, who Velveteen Dream can use to further fine tune his character - these two have a ton of similarities. But when has someone lost their debut takeover singles match? The Dream won’t be affected. Look how many high profile feuds he’s lost - he’ll only continue to take them in stride and maintain his massive popularity. One of the best things about Velveteen is the way he can reinvent himself constantly after a loss. Not saying he’ll be a permanent loser, but for now EC3 needs some wins over some bigger names. Prediction: EC3

Spencer: In this writers opinion EC3 hasn’t clicked yet in his second run with WWE. Much like Bobby Lashley, the former Derek Bateman hasn’t been able to translate his success in IMPACT Wrestling to the larger WWE stage. Velveteen Dream, however, has been the breakout star of the year in NXT, participating - and excelling - in high profile matches against names like Ricochet and Aleister Black. My hope is that they use this match to springboard the Dream into the main event scene, and hopefully to bring out a bit more character development in EC3. Prediction: Velveteen Dream

NXT Tag Team Championship Match - Undisputed Era© vs. Moustache Mountain

Parker: Match of the Night, calling it now. No disrespect to any of the other matches, but these two did just pull out a 5-star match on free TV. Imagine the new spots they’re going to come up with with this much time to think about it. However good this may be, I believe the outcome isn’t in too much question. Moustache Mountain figures to be centrepieces in the new NXT United Kingdom brand, and potentially their inaugural Tag Team Champions. As well, Undisputed Era’s reign is still extremely entertaining - and Bobby Fish’s return is on the horizon. I predict we see these two teams, probably with a third - maybe War Raiders? - locked in War Games. Prediction: Undisputed Era retain, with some help from Bobby Fish - leading to a final match in War Games. 

Spencer: Sit down, shut up, and enjoy two of the greatest tag teams in the world going at it once again. Is the result in doubt? Absolutely not. Prediction: Undisputed Era

North American Championship Match - Adam Cole© vs. Ricochet

Parker: This is the hardest match to predict on this card for me. Either of these men could win, and I wouldn’t be the least bit upset. While WWE officials are reportedly very high on Adam Cole, Ricochet is helping ticket sales drastically. That alone gives him a better shot, and that doesn’t include how great Ricochet is in-ring. Is it time to put the title on him? Maybe. However, Adam Cole still does feel like he can do more with the belt, and I’m on board for that. This truly is a 50/50 call for me; seeing Ricochet get that signature win here would be fantastic, but I am admittedly a fan of shouting “Bay Bay”! Prediction: Adam Cole retains the North American Championship in a fluke. 

Spencer: NXT has done an excellent job of weaving their major storylines together. To me, this match is heavily reliant on the results of the NXT Tag Team Championship match; will we see the Undisputed Era get involved in both matches? Could we see the injured Bobby Fish return? Could Kassius Ohno finally make his long-awaited debut as a member of UE? All - or none - of the above could happen, but either way, this should be a fantastic match. While Ricochet is completely deserving of a championship reign, I don’t think Cole is finished with holding the title. Prediction: Adam Cole

NXT Women’s Championship Match - Shayna Baszler© vs. Kairi Sane

Parker: Shayna Baszler has probably one of, if not the best characters in the women’s division. She shows up, kicks ass, and takes whatever advantages she can. She’s completely converted me to being a fan, despite her general greenness. I’d personally love to see her on RAW or Smackdown. As well, Kairi Sane has so much going for her; the upcoming show in Osaka, Brooklyn’s history with baby-faces coming up big, and the upcoming defence of the championship against the winner of the Mae Young Classic. I do believe Io Shirai will be in attendance, and I think she will win the MYC. Sane wins, Shirai wins the MYC and we see a championship program between the two Stardom centrepieces. Prediction: Kairi Sane defeats Shayna Baszler. 

Spencer: A rematch from last year’s Mae Young Classic pits Shayna Baszler against the Pirate Princess, Kairi Sane. I’ve never been the biggest Baszler fan, and I’m a huge Sane fan, so this one is completely with the heart. Prediction: Kairi Sane

Last Man Standing Match for the NXT Championship - Tommaso Ciampa© vs. Johnny Gargano

Parker: My original prediction was for Tommaso Ciampa to pin Aleister Black, and a call up for Black. This was before Aleister’s injury. With this being a one-on-one match, I still do see Ciampa retaining - but neither competitor walks out. Think Triple H vs HBK at the Rumble in ’04. While Brooklyn is the place for babyfaces to triumph, now isn’t Johnny Wrestling’s time. There’s no doubt I’d mark out for a Gargano win, these two beating each other down so badly they miss the 10 count would give them one option to settle this - NXT’s first ever Hell in a Cell. Prediction: A Draw forces a final match between these two inside Hell in a Cell. 

Spencer: There are people in the world who don’t think this is the best feud in wrestling. Those people are wrong. There’s no way this can be the end for Gargano and Ciampa, right? There’s simply too much history between the two for their feud to simply end over the NXT Championship. I’m throwing a Hail Mary on this one, but will we see the dreaded double knockout? Prediction: Draw

No doubt this show has the potential to steal the show this weekend. All the matches have the potential to be good at the very least. What do you think of our predictions? Agree? Disagree? Let us know @WCSportsCA, or by commenting below! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV- Match Card & Predictions
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