The NFL Thursday Night games and “color rush” jerseys need to be scrapped.  TNF never has and never will reach the fabled glory of Monday Night Football. The typical consensus on the color rush jerseys is that they are gawd awful in appearance. That’s just the opening kickoff as to why I feel these concepts need to be dropped before the league fumbles away more of its popularity.


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I read an interesting article from the Washington Post, which said, “Don’t hate Thursday NFL games because there are more injuries. There aren’t Actually.” Okay, statistically speaking, I can see how this could be true. However, its contributing to the ever rising count and is diluting the product. This is partly due to the lack of recovery time.

Two weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints rookie running back phenom Alvin Kamara suffered a concussion in a Thursday night showdown with the Atlanta Falcons.

A month earlier, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was lost for the season with an Achilles injury against the Arizona Cardinals.


While injuries are a part of the game, asking a player to recover in three days is insane. Sherman explained it from a players point of view on the Tribune.

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees had this to say,

“I can sit here and tell you that no player likes putting himself at risk on four days’ rest, to come and put their bodies through what they put them through in a game… Is this smart as it pertains to guys’ health and safety? No, absolutely not.” - Drew Brees

Richie Incognito who plays for the Buffalo Bills is not a fan either.

Your mind might be willing but your body isn’t. Any mortal can attest to your body needing time to recover after a weekend activity or a new work out regime, now magnify that by 100 times. I agree it’s just about how the NFL can squeeze every last penny out of the players.


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Think otherwise? Then explain me the color rush uniforms. Only place you see them is on Thursday night. Well that and on where they ask (gouge) fans for up to $150. The brain child who thought of this scheme obviously doesn’t know anyone who is color blind. In a world full of gimmicks, this one burns the retinas!


Games on Thursday Night just don’t tend to lead to must watch games. Part of that is the schedule, I mean everyone was circling the Texans versus Bengals in week two, right? Okay, maybe the 40-0 blowout of the Ravens over the Dolphins begs for Thursday Night validation? Or the thrashing of the Titans at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers 40-17?

Could it have anything to do with limited prep time for the opponent, maybe?

The NFL cares so much about Thursday Night Football, why can’t you not find its own separate schedule from their websites drop down menu?

Remember when your team played on Monday Night, it was a big deal right? Now, it’s just another game because the NFL is shoving their product down our throats.


If the NFL must have Thursday football, then make it the first half of the year. Choose two teams for a bye week the same week. They play off the bye week and then get 9-days of recovery time. This way you help protect your players, which you have been claiming is your priority. Half the league plays one year, and the other half the next year. It gives us something to look forward too, and I bet the product on the field is better. And you still get to keep your precious kick-off game.


The NFL Thursday Night Games And Color Rush Jerseys Need To Be Scrapped

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