We are now done two (2!) glorious days of Major League Baseball. You now what else is glorious? Being able to get a quick recap of all the MLB day two games. Emphasis on quick. Here we go!

Pittsburgh 13 Detriot 10

You might hear this is why Detriot lost:

But this is why they really lost:

Washington 2 Cincinnati 0

Yankees 4 Toronto 2

Texas 5 Houston 1

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Philadelphia 5 Atlanta 4

You will hear about this play from Braves fans about the loss:

You will hear about this from Phillies fans about the win:

Boston 1 Tampa Bay 0

Miami 2 Chicago 1 (in 17 innings)

Tip of the cap to Cubs pitcher Eddie Butler who entered the game in the 10th only to watch Brandon Morrow give up the winning run.

San Francisco 1 Dodgers 0 (note that’s 18 scoreless innings to start the season for the Dodgers)

Arizona 9 Colorado 8

The Rockies would wiggle starter Tyler Anderson off the hook after he gave up 5 runs in the first inning but would still go on to lose.

Milwaukee 8 San Diego 6

Anaheim 2 Oakland 1 (what you need to know is Mike Trout went 0-6 yesterday)

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