It’s shaping up to be a statement week for the Albertan pro wrestling scene; with a major name returning to the ring and a revitalized promotion set to relaunch this Friday, how can it not be?

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Major Matches Announced for Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude

The past seven days have seen Force Pro Wrestling confirm the first two matches of this Friday’s upcoming Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude event and the pair of announcements are certain to excite even the most casual independent wrestling fan in Alberta.

On Friday, October 18th, fans in attendance at The Prelude will be the first to see Michael Richard Blais square off with Dylon Stone inside the squared circle. The match is one that many have anticipated for years; however, anticipation may be an all-time high considering the career years both have had throughout 2019. While Blais is the standard-bearer as far as Canadian wrestling goes, Stone has built himself a stellar in-ring resume at the expense of the likes of Matt TavenJack PrideDirty Inc and more. Frankly, there’s no bigger match that could kick off the return of Force Pro Wrestling.

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On Wednesday, the promotion doubled-down on marquee matches, confirming that PWA Women’s Champion Zoë Sager will battle long-time frenemy Kayla Jaye in the pair’s third-ever one-on-one match. Both Jaye and Sager hold a single victory over the other in their previous two encounters, making Friday’s tilt the proverbial rubber match in their extended feud. It’s difficult to imagine two more well-matched females in the Albertan independent scene; given their previous history, fans should expect an absolute banger.

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Tickets for the return of Force Pro Wrestling are available through the FPW social media channels or contacting any FPW roster member.

The Irishman Returns to the Ring

Shipping up to Boston may be the Dropkick Murphys’ song of choice for The Irishman, but after Friday night, The Boys are Back may be slightly more applicable - especially when regarding his in-ring career.

Long-time Albertan wrestling fans were both surprised and delighted on Friday night by the Irishman’s return to the ring. Nearly two years had passed since the former MPW Heavyweight Champion had set foot in the ring for a full match; however, on Friday, it was he who answered the open challenge set forth by Barricade at RCW Fall Fever in Radway, Alberta. Though some ring rust could be expected given the length of time between bouts, the Irishman looked excellent in his first action back, picking up the victory over Barricade with a patented IRA.

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Tag Team Gauntlet Match Set for MPW Riptribution

On Wednesday, Monster Pro Wrestling confirmed the participants of the promotion’s Gauntlet Tag Match at next month’s MPW Riptribution. Five teams are set to participate in the match, which will see the winners claim the MPW Renegade Memorial Tag Team Championships currently held by “The Future” Kid Cyrus and “Rugged” Rich King.

Joining the champions inside the squared circle on November 2nd are Wrestling RoyalTY (KB6/TY Jackson), High Octane (Pro Payne/AJAX), the Blake Kannon Experience (“Beautiful” Blake Kannon/Sultan Singh), and, surprisingly, the Dad Bod Squad (Rick Jules/James Crowder). Though the Dad Bod Squad may have fell victim to a disqualification last month, the decision to reinstate the pair into the match and give Crowder and Jules one more opportunity at the MPW Renegade Memorial Tag Team titles.

Though the promotion had previously announced the traditional Ripper Royal, the five teams announced represent the first confirmed participants for the November 2nd show. Lumberjack Larry Woods, Taryn from Accounting, the Cat’s Meow, Sexy Samantha and MPW Heavyweight Champion Mitch Clarke have also all been confirmed for appearances at MPW Riptribution.

Tickets for the November 2nd event are currently available through any Monster Pro Wrestling star.

Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Fall Brawl • Radway, Alberta • October 11
  1. Matt Styles def. Son of Irish
  2. Dean Richtor def. Hannibal the Cannibal
  3. The Irishman def. Barricade
  4. KOTA vs Big Jess Youngblood: No Contest
  5. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: Vince Austin© defeated Matt Hart
  6. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal© def. Aiden Adams
Pure Power Wrestling Results
Nightmare Before Halloween Lethbridge, Alberta • October 12
  1. Sydney Steele def. Tasty Travis Cole
  2. Bradley Graham def. Kyle Sebastian by forfeit
  3. Cyanide def. Lumberjack Larry Woods
  4. Travis Copeland & Dewey Robson def. The Bad Seeds: DQ
  5. Jumpin’ Josh def. Kenn Stevens in a Pumpkin Patch Match
  • Chris Perish opened the show with an interview discussing what happened with Sydney Steele and Angelica in their title match. Angelica came to the ring to answer him and Sydney Steele attacked him from behind, focusing on his knee with a steel chair.
  • Bradley Graham was in the ring as a fake Kyle Sebastian made his entrance wearing a mask and walked straight to the back. Kyle then popped up on the big screen in a bedroom, implying that he was with “Mrs. Graham”. Bradley ran out the front door to go track down Sebastian.
  • Dewey & THC vs The Bad Seeds ended in a 20-minute time limit draw. Five more minutes were added to the match but The Bad Seeds immediately jumped Dewey and THC causing the disqualification. Dewey challenged The Bad Seeds to a no time limit, no disqualification Tornado Tag Match on November 9.
  • During the Jumpin’ Josh vs Kenn Stevens match, Kyle Sebastian stood up from ringside where he’d been sitting in the crowd in costume the entire night and set off a fire extinguisher in Josh’s face. Bradley Graham ran back in through the front door after Sebastian allowing Josh to recover and pick up the win.
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Real Canadian Wrestling • Rise of Legends • Edmonton, Alberta • October 19

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