The Leo Burke Cup featured a controversial finish, Real Canadian Wrestling hosted it’s two major events of the year, and the Prairie Wrestling Alliance saw an unlikely reunion take place. It’s all covered by the WCSN in today’s edition of Last Week in Alberta Pro Wrestling!

The Headlines:

Lumberjack Larry, Mitch Clarke win Leo Burke Cup
Monster Pro Wrestling
  • For the first time in Monster Pro Wrestling history, the Leo Burke Cup has two winners. Both Mitch Clarke and Lumberjack Larry Woods have cemented themselves as the first-ever co-winners of the event following a controversial match in the finals against Massive Damage and Wrath of the Tattooed Terminators. By all accounts, the fatal four-way was a terrific outing from all four men; however, an errant bump on Referee Kevin - the ref presiding over the match - led to an additional referee being summoned to ringside. However, the cacophony led to both a pinfall from Woods to Wrath, as well as a submission from Clarke to Massive, being registered as the finishes. After a series of conversations, MPW Commissioner Carmine declared the finals a tie and subsequently gave Clarke and Woods the victory. Clarke and Woods now join Massive Damage, Jack Hammer, Steve Rivers, Chris Perish, the Irishman, and Tyler James as winners of the Leo Burke Cup.
Taven, Gangrel Impress in Alberta appearances
Ring of Honor champion Matt Taven brandishes his championship in Edmonton, Alberta on May 4th Target Photography
  • Real Canadian Wrestling celebrated their 16th anniversary this weekend with a pair of shows in Calgary and Edmonton. To celebrate the occasion, current Ring of Honor World Champion Matt Taven and former WWE Superstar/Stampede Wrestling Tag Team Champion Gangrel and made appearances. While, unfortunately, Taven’s anticipated match in Calgary against Jordan Aries was cut short due to injury, both the ROH World Champion and the former Brood leader put on outstanding performances through their time in Alberta. Taven, especially, looked every bit the champion he is in appearances against Aries and current RCW Alberta Champion Dylon Stone. 
Chimera defeats Rhude in Hair vs. Contract Match
Cody Chimera enters the ring prior to his Hair-Versus-Contract match against Eddie Rhude Spencer Love |
  • The Chimera Era has officially begun. Saturday night in Edmonton saw a highly-anticipated blood feud reach its conclusion, with Dirty, Inc’s Cody Chimera in facing off with Simply Epic Eddie Rhude a hair-versus-contract match with No Holds Barred. Rhude was unquestionably the more popular man through the course of the 40-minute epic; however, a victory simply wasn’t to be for the member of Swipe Right. While Rhude was able to find allies throughout the night in Zach Mercury and Brice “The Slammer” Sova, the assistance of Dirty Mike Jones and Chimera’s stablemates in Dirty, Inc proved to be too much for Rhude to handle. It took everything but the kitchen sink to keep Simply Epic Eddie down, but following a running knee and a splash from the top rope, Rhude’s contract now belongs to Dirty, Inc. How will Chimera respond to vanquishing his greatest rival thus far?
Sheik Shabaz, Western Lions Reunite?

  • Saturday’s PWA Mayhem more than lived up to its name; however, the biggest developments coming out of Calgary’s most recent event may have been the pseudo-reunion between Sheik Akbar Shabaz and the Western Lions. Following Colton Kelly‘s interference in Saturday’s main event and the Lion’s subsequent save, Michael Richard Blais and Brandon Van Danielson offered the proverbial olive branch to Shabaz and offered to team with the former PWA Champion against Clark, Kelly, and Kenneth Anthony. Shockingly, the Shiek accepted. It’s a remarkable turn of events; frankly, after the Lions’ ruthless betrayal of the Sheik last summer, no one would blame Shabaz for failing to trust either MRB or BVD. However, both Blais and Van Danielson have been changed men since the 18th-Anniversary show. Could this be a continuation of their new attitude? Or, has the Sheik set himself up for yet another betrayal?
Vince Austin wins RCW Commonwealth Championship
Vince Austin hits the trademark snuff piledriver that led to winning the RCW Commonwealth Championship Target Photography
  • In a shocking turn of events, “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin captured the RCW Commonwealth Championship from former titleholder “The Universe” Zach Mercury on Saturday evening. Following a match between stablemate Günnar the Pagan Destroyer and Mercury, Austin made good on his contract guaranteeing a title shot championship opportunity at any time. While Mercury put up a gutsy battle, a devastating snuff piledriver from Austin left the already-battered Universe laying. A short three-count later, and the Viking Rage leader had claimed the championship. While a rematch is expected, no official confirmation has been made by Real Canadian Wrestling management thus far.


RCW Results
RCW Sweet 16 Showdown: Calgary, Alberta, May 3
  1. Travis Cole vs. Pride - No Contest
  2. Big Jess Youngblood def. Tyson Hill via pinfall
  3. Dirty Inc. (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack) def. Hard to Kill (D. Dwight Davis/Matt Hart) via pinfall
  4. RCW Alberta Championship Match - Dylon Stone def. Scotley Crue/Big Bruce via pinfall
  5. Viking Rage (Dante/Vince Austin/Gunnar) def. “The Universe” Zach Mercury/Brice “The Slammer” Sova/Orion via pinfall
  6. Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship Match - Matt Taven def. Jordan Aries
  7. RCW Women’s Championship Match - Angelica vs Kayla Jaye - No Contest
  8. PPW Heavyweight Championship/RCW Women’s Championship Tornado Tag Match - Dirty, Inc. (Sydney Steele/Angelica) vs. Chris Perish/Kayla Jaye - No Contest
  9. Gangrel def. Cameron Stevens via pinfall
  10. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match - “The Aussie Legend” Dylan Knight def. Heavy Metal via pinfall


  • Pride will face Travis Cole in a Lumberjack Match on May 24th in Calgary
  • Dirty, Inc earn a future RCW Tag Team Championship opportunity against the Sexy American Superstars 
  • Scotley Crue will face Dylon Stone on May 24 in a No Disqualification Match
  • “The Aussie Legend” Dylan Knight will defend the RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship against Raj Singh of The Desi Hit Squad on May 24
16th-Anniversary Show: Edmonton, Alberta, May 4
  1. Dean Richtor def. Cameron Stevens
  2. Barricade def. Canadian Grizzly
  3. Hair vs. Contract Match - Cody Chimera def. “Simply Epic” Eddie Rhude
  4. Commonwealth Championship Match - “The Universe” Zach Mercury©
     def. Günnar the Pagan Destroyer
  5. Commonwealth Championship Match - “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin def. “The Universe” Zach Mercury©
  6. Ring of Honor World Championship/RCW Alberta Championship Match - Dylon Stone© def. Matt Taven© via disqualification
  7. tagSTRUGGLE (Chris Perish/Meniac/Kayla Jaye) def. Dirty, Inc. (Sydney Steele/Maverick Jack/Angelica)
  8. Heavy Metal def. Brice “The Slammer” Sova
  9. Big Jess Youngblood def. Gangrel


  • With Cody Chimera’s victory, Dirty, Inc now owns Eddie Rhude’s contract with Real Canadian Wrestling.
  • Vince Austin becomes the new RCW Commonwealth Champion
PWA Results
PWA Mayhem: Calgary, Alberta, May 4
  1. Colton Kelly def. Aiden Adams
  2. “The Omen” Gabriel/Mephisto def. “Spaceman” Beri Grayson/The Titan
  3. PWA Commonwealth Championship Match - Shaun Moore def. Kat Von Heez
  4. Capture the Flag Match - “The Thickness” Reid Matthews def. Bobby Sharp
  5. Michael Richard Blais/Brandon Van Danielson/Zoë Sager def. The League (Davey O’Doyle/Brayden Parsons/Kylie Morgan)
  6. PWA Championship Match - Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Sheik Akbar Shabaz - No Contest


MPW Results
Leo Burke Cup: Edmonton, Alberta, May 4
  1. Leo Burke Cup Qualifying Match: Lumberjack Larry Woods def. Kid Cyrus
  2. Leo Burke Cup Qualifying Match: Mitch Clarke def. Blake Kannon
  3. Leo Burke Cup Qualifying Match: Wrath Def. Rich King
  4. Leo Burke Cup Qualifying Match: Massive Damage def. Jude Dawkins
  5. Cat’s Meow (Kato/ Nasty Nate Nixon) def. High Octane/Wrestling RoyalTY/DAD BOD SQUAD
  6. Leo Burke Cup Finals: Lumberjack Larry/Mitch Clarke def. Massive Damage/Wrath


  • With the victories, Lumberjack Larry Woods and Mitch Clarke are the co-winners of the 2019 Leo Burke Cup.
  • With their win, the Cat’s Meow become the #1 contenders to the MPW Tag Team Championships


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