Episode 14 of Conversations With Love is LIVE!

This week, your host Spencer Love was joined by one-half of the Above Average JoesAiden Adams! Listen in as the two chat about the genesis of the AAJ, Aiden’s time spent in the United Kingdom, working with Bobby Sharp, why David Arquette is his dream match and more - only on the Win Column Sports Network!

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Conversations With Love 14: A Conversation With Aiden Adams

On forming the Above Average Joes:

“I just got back from training in England, and (I) came back for Christmas Slam. Me and Kenny (Stryker) were sitting and YouTubing the Snowplow - that was Al Snow’s finish. We were sitting there and our gear was kind of matching. Kurt (Sorochan) walked by us, stopped, took a second look and asked: “do you guys want to be a tag team?”

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Conversations With Love 14: A Conversation With Aiden Adams

Spencer Love

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