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This week’s special edition of CWL features our first-ever interview with “The Bubblegum Princess” Alexia Nicole! At only 23 years old, Nicole is already one of the most prominent stars in not only the Ontarian professional wrestling scene, but the entire country of Canada. Now, find out more about the reigning Femmes Fatales International Champion, including:

  • How she’s keeping sane during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Her favourite Pokémon
  • How she got into professional wrestling at 15
  • The unique experience of training so young
  • Criticisms that came with her youth
  • The mental side of sustaining an injury
  • The importance of becoming a well-rounded pro wrestler
  • Why she hasn’t been out to Alberta yet
  • Differences between working adult versus kid-friendly shows
  • The origins of her nickname “the Bubblegum Princess”
  • How the Women’s Evolution began on the independent scene
  • The coolest true crime story she knows
  • Winning the Femme Fatales International Championship
  • What enabled her to excel at such a young age

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Please credit Spencer Love of the WCSN for any transcriptions used.

Conversations With Love 67: A Conversation With Alexia Nicole

The mental side of overcoming an injury:

“It’s so hard. I have permanent shoulder problems now; like, my shoulders just - they dislocate. It’s fun. It’s definitely always on my mind. I do wear a shoulder brace all the time. People see it all the time and they always ask ‘oh, you just wear it for fun,’ or ‘is it part of your look?’ I’m always like ‘believe me, I would not wear this for fun or to make it part of my look if I did not have to.’”

“You think about it all the time. You have to because I notice that when I don’t think about it - I don’t let it control everything I do, but I definitely have to think about it when I’m putting together matches, or when I’m thinking of moves that I want to do or take because it just takes one wrong movement, one bad landing for everything to go wrong.”

“I wish I could just ignore it, it’s literally always on my mind, but I don’t let it control - I don’t let it take up the largest part of my mind when I’m preparing for matches, (but) I always know that it’s something that I have to think about. At this point, it’s been so long that it’s natural to me. ‘These are the movements I can’t do, this is something I’d rather not do, so if we can avoid it, that’d be great.’”

The origins of the nickname “The Bubblegum Princess”

“It was at a Smash show. I chew gum when I’m nervous, or, I used to at least. Now, it’s just I do it because I have to. I just chewed it out of habit so that I wouldn’t grind my teeth. I was at a Smash show, I was backstage, I was supposed to cut a promo. I was chewing bubblegum at that time, so I just used it in the promo because I was really bad at promos at that time. It went over really well, I used it in my match right after that. I saw the pictures after, (and) people thought it was the coolest thing for some reason. So, I was like ‘okay, I can roll with this. This works,’ and it’s just really evolved over time into something that I’m actually really comfortable with doing.”

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Conversations With Love 67: A Conversation With Alexia Nicole

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