Carmelo Anthony: The Final Piece To The Houston Rockets Overtaking The Golden State Warriors?

One of the plethora of rumors surrounding the disgruntled New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is that he will end up in Houston alongside Chris Paul and James Harden.
Ever wonder what happens when writers gather in a virtual room and go back and forth?

Here’s the transcript of the conversation held inside the Editor’s room of WinColumn when talking about ending the Golden State Warriors run of three consecutive NBA Finals appearances where Anthony’s name came up.

Liam: The only way Golden State could even come close to being knocked off the top is if the Rockets get Melo.

Kail: Getting Melo will make them worse. He is a ball-stopping nightmare and a terrible fit for that team!

Liam: Melo can stay in the corner and drain open 3’s because everybody will be playing attention to either Paul or Harden. Melo did exactly the same on the US Olympic team.

Kail: There are 100 guys in the league now that can hit an open 3 from the corner, and don’t cost 26.2 mil.

Joshua: Yes, preaching to the choir. The new Monopoly money has an NBA logo.

Liam: You cannot tell me that having Carmelo Anthony as your third option makes you a worse team!?

Joshua: Oh yes it does Liam. Yes, it does!

Kail: I can when he slows down the offense with his ball stopping ISO play, and his complete lack of defense. They already have one pylon out there (hello Mr. Beard).

Spencer: Bear with me, because I’m sort of speaking out of my ass here - but the way I see it, adding ‘Melo to the Rockets gives them another guy to spread the floor and create offence. I mean, you’re not gonna beat GSW by playing defense, so may as well try and run the score on them. In that sense, don’t see many better options than Carmelo. Is he piss poor defensively? Yeah, but to put it eloquently, f**k defense

Kail: Carmelo isn’t that guy to look for the “extra pass” to create a better look. I bet he’s had maybe a total of a dozen “hockey assists” in his whole career.

Spencer: Yeah, but I don’t see him as the extra pass guy. That’s what Paul and Harden are for.

Liam: Which will then end with Melo hitting a three!

Joshua: Oh Liam… love the optimism. Problem is Melo is the dark mark!

Spencer: I think he’s got a bad attitude, but I also think that moving would eliminate a lot of the attitude. He hasn’t handled it well, but can’t say that NY has been ideal for anyone under Jackson. Change of scenery could be huge for him.

Liam: Carmelo Anthony makes Houston a better team and makes them the closest team in the West to the Golden State Warriors. No other team in the West does. The Clippers got worse, Spurs got Rudy Gay but that doesn’t make them any better since they lost depth in Jonathon Simmons, Manu Ginobili and likely Pau Gasol. Thunder got better but only have two stars. Utah got worse. Minnesota are too young. Whilst Houston sign potentially two all-star players who both averaged over 18+ points a game last season.

Kail: If Melo does make them better, it’s marginally. Houston doesn’t struggle to score; they were 2nd overall. I watched the BIG3 “action” over the weekend. Egad. It’s baddddddd!

Melo will be a big star in the BIG3. Perfect style of ball for him.

Your turn NBA fans…if the Houston Rockets acquire Carmelo Anthony, does that put them over the Golden State Warriors?

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