The Los Angeles Clippers saw an emergence in the NBA during the “Lob City Era” where Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, and a strong bench made the Clippers a viable team in the West. The team even eclipsed the Lakers in popularity at one point. However, in the current 2018 – 2019 season, the Clippers roster is completely different with none of the players from the “Lob City Era” on the team.

Though several of their stars departed, the Clippers have remained competitive and are currently one of the top teams in the Western Conference. This can be attributed to many factors such as hard work, great teamwork, and an excellent head coach. While the Clippers remain competitive, the last piece of the puzzle for the organization is to sign a huge star. This offseason, two names immediately come to mind.

I believe that Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard both have great shots at coming to the Clippers. The organization will not be able to obtain both, but one of them is very likely. Whoever they sign will most likely take over Danilo Gallinari’s position as the organization will likely let him go to clear up some cap space. However, I think that either KD or Leonard will take the Clippers to another level.

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi is pretty self–explanatory. He wants to be in Los Angeles as he grew up in Riverside and going to the Lakers means he would have to play second fiddle to LeBron. The Clippers are currently more competitive than the Lakers and Kawhi takes them to the next level. Need evidence? Look at his impact in Toronto. The team is also gritty and not concerned with the spotlight, so it’s only a perfect fit for him.

Kevin Durant

Like any other player, KD loves LA and lives there in the offseason. Rumours keep brewing that he will leave the Warriors after this season and that is most likely the case. Similar to Kawhi, KD going to the Lakers would mean he would have to play second fiddle to LeBron. KD and Jerry West also have a history as West was a key recruiter for him in Oakland and now West is with the Clippers. I know I might be reaching a bit here but their history could help the Clippers land KD.


Either way, I think the Clippers will add a key player to their team in the 2019 offseason and I think Kawhi and KD are the most likely plays. Kawhi is almost guaranteed to leave the Raptors unless they have a great playoff run - which 100% could happen - and KD might leave the Warriors to further his career and prove to everyone he can win a championship on his own. I would pay attention to the Clippers next year as they will go for a huge play, and I hope it pays off for them. In the meantime continue to watch them remain competitive in a tough conference and imagine what they will be like with a huge star on their team.

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Prince’s Thoughts: Watch Out for the Clippers in 2019
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