NXT Takeover: War Games - Match Card & Predictions

War Games.

Two Title Matches.

One of the hottest feuds in all of wrestling right now.

Need we say more about this Takeover? Yes? Ok.

NXT is going for another round of War Games this year, after the huge success of last years event. Returning to this card are names such as the Undisputed Era, participating in their second War Games match of their time in NXT. Velveteen Dream returns as well, after his incredible feud with Aleister Black; however, he challenges for the NXT Championship this time around. Aleister is back again too, taking on the man who attacked him from behind and cost him months of his career, Johnny Gargano.

This card is STACKED. The amount of talent all over is insane, and will probably be at the very least as good as Survivor Series. Even with the four-match card they have, it’s going to be great. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably ready for a preview!

As always, I’m Parker Love – here with your NXT TakeOver: War Games II Preview!

Match Card

  • NXT Women’s Championship Match - Shanya Baszler © vs Kairi Sane - Two-Out-Of-Three Falls 
  • Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black 
  • NXT Championship Match - Tommaso Ciampa © vs Velveteen Dream 
  • War Games: The Undisputed Era© (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) vs Pete Dunne©, Ricochet and War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe)



NXT Women’s Championship Match - Shanya Baszler (c) vs Kairi Sane: Two-Out-Of-Three Falls 

I’ll get this out of the way - I’m not complaining about the match in the slightest. I’m complaining about the strange logic around this match.

This is a tad weird. William Regal informed Shayna Baszler and her new running mates Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke about the match with Kairi Sane. You know what, that’s fair. It’s been a long & storied rivalry. But for Regal to not ban the two enforcers that Baszler has? Put it this way: Regal watched multiple angles of the Aleister Black attack, but didn’t watch the angle that allowed Shayna to retain her title?

So, a fantastic underdog in Sane faces a great heel in Baszler, who has the numbers advantage. This should realistically be the final chapter in their rivalry and to me, it boils down to numbers. The Queen of Spades wins if it stays as it currently is. However, if Sane can get some backup, I think she takes her title back.

I think Shayna is more “main roster ready”. However, if they’re going to keep her with the two Horsewoman, those two definitely need to stay in NXT. I can see Baszler getting a few more solid feuds in with Belair, Yim, LeRae and even Io Shirai. So, strictly on this reasoning…

Prediction: Shayna Baszler retains

Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black 


My early prediction for Match of the Night. Personally, this feud is already money. The “Who Attacked Aleister Black” angle was such a great piece of storytelling. Seeing Aleister as pissed as he is and taking out Security guards gave a serious “Stone Cold” vibe. Black seems to have just that much of a fire underneath him is fantastic to see. Plus, he’s already had some great matches with Johnny, whether it be one-on-one or multi man.

Gargano as a heel is going to be very, very cool to see as well. Different than what the NXT Universe has seen from him, that’s for sure. It’s going to be great, and he seems to be fairly comfortable with it already. It’s a different story in between the ropes though, wrestling as a heel, but the in-ring aspect is not a struggle for Johnny Wrestling in the slightest.

To me, this result is up in the air. I can easily see Gargano stealing a win here, and a main roster debut for Black, considering WWE needs someone to become the new top face. I think Gargano has much more of a story to tell in NXT than Black does within NXT. For Johnny to lose right after his turn… damn. Plus, RAW needs more top guys given the unfortunate situation with Roman Reigns. If there’s one guy in NXT that can print money as a top face, it’s Aleister Black. I see Johnny Wrestling go full dark side to get the win here, making his former DIY partner even more proud.

Prediction: Johnny Gargano defeats Aleister Black 

NXT Championship Match - Tommaso Ciampa (C) vs Velveteen Dream 


Velveteen Dream gets his shot at the top of the card, getting the opportunity to wrestle the Devil himself Tommaso Ciampa. Dream has definitely earned the adoration of the IWC, putting in fantastic matches & having a great understanding of his character. Any feud that the Dream has been involved with has become must-watch TV. The man has absolutely insane potential at age 23. Everything about his character just works so well, and it’s honestly difficult to see where the Dream ends and Patrick Clark begins.

Meanwhile, Ciampa has become the best heel in the world (feel free to @ me). How refreshing is it to have a heel that can 1) affect other people as he has with Johnny Gargano, and 2) out-smart faces in matches, like he did against Otis Dozovic. WWE simply doesn’t have a heel like him, in my opinion. Ciampa is money, period. Velveteen has years upon years of opportunities to be at the top of the card, where he rightfully should be. But, it doesn’t feel like Ciampa should drop Goldie yet. Expect Tommaso Ciampa to retain by the skin of his teeth, and perhaps a call-up on Monday/Tuesday for the former Tough Enough competitor.

Prediction: Tommaso Ciampa retains his NXT Championship

War Games: The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) vs Pete Dunne, Ricochet and War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe)


One of the biggest complaints people had about War Games last year was the lack of a traditional 4 vs 4 matchup. NXT listened, and here we are. The amount of talent in this match-up is staggering. Even potentially substituting in EC3, this match is guaranteed to be fantastic. Last year, the Undisputed Era won fairly clean to establish themselves as a force in NXT. After that huge signature win, plus many other successful matches for the Era, they’re about as close to bulletproof as can be. On the other hand, the babyface side of things need a signature win, with the exception of Ricochet & Pete Dunne - both the War Raiders and EC3 (again, if subbed in) need that defining victory for themselves.

I expect the Era to lose. It wraps things up great for all these. Ricochet can move onto a new North American Championship feud, Cole can potentially look at the main event scene, and we can have the War Raiders clamour for a shot at the Tag Team Titles again.

Can I see U.E. winning? Yes, I can, but NXT is all about establishing new stars and telling logical stories and I honestly can’t see these four win another round of War Games. To me, if they win, that signs them up for another year in NXT. That’s not a complaint, but they seem extremely ready for main roster success. For those two reasons and the fact that War Raiders need a win here to stay in title contention, that leads to…

Prediction: Ricochet, Dunne & War Raiders defeat the Undisputed Era


  • Shayna Baszler retains the NXT Women’s Championship
  • Johnny Gargano defeats Aleister Black
  • Tommaso Ciampa retains his NXT Championship
  • Ricochet, Pete Dunne & The War Raiders defeat The Undisputed Era

That’s it for my thoughts! I want to know yours as well? Let us know by commenting, or by getting a hold of us on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading, and see you on Wednesday!

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NXT Takeover: War Games - Match Card & Predictions
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