One of the deadly sins of being a sports fan is preaching to the choir. There is no need to pat yourself on the back cause you posted a tweet or left a Facebook post about your favourite team.  When professional teams talk about “word of mouth” as a form of promotion, they do not simply mean tell people who you already know go to their games. FC Edmonton super fans Nathan Terlesky and Adam Huber understand this concept and recently interviewed me, a non-soccer guy, on their Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast.

The realization has come to you that this article is about soccer in Edmonton. You are either super excited to see talk about FC Edmonton outside the regular circle of fans and supporters or rolling your eyes because soccer has failed in Edmonton time and time again.

Soccer is not dying on my watch. I have been to 4 games in FC Edmonton’s existence, could not name you 4 players, but have great memories of each game fueled by the antics of The Supporters. After seeing the “YEG4CPL” movement how can you still tell yourself soccer is doomed in this town? With the new Canadian Premier League and their sustainable league plans in place, excitement is at a fever pitch for footy in Edmonton.

I asked Nathan and Adam the questions below which all target the issue of drawing more fans into Clarke Stadium and put the video on YouTube. You know why? Because the excitement of soccer needs to be seen and heard!

1) Edmonton is not known as a soccer town. The premature announcement of the death of FC Edmonton brought out the cynics. The rise of the YEG4CPL movement silenced (for now) a few cynics as it led to the return of the Eddies. Please explain your role in the movement.

2) By my use of the word soccer and not football you can tell I’m not really a soccer guy. Yet I became a Rally Rabbit and put down a season deposit based on my few experiences catching a game. If you worked for the Eddies, how would you promote the team?

3) I would promote the atmosphere but again, I’m not really there for the soccer. For the soccer snobs who relegate themselves to The Premier League or La Liga, how do you get those folks to catch a game?

4) The new Canadian Premier League, their will be fan buses to Calgary. That alone sold me on the this league over the almost now defunct NASL. Describe the excitement behind the battle of Alberta now having a soccer edition?


To hear the podcast mentioned in the first paragraph click below:


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