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Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the world’s top professional wrestlers - hell, one might even say he’s a perfect creation! This week, we’re joined by former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion PCO! Tune in as the Canadian wrestling icon takes us all the way back to the beginning of his career and beyond, including:

  • Staying busy during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • His current mindset on his professional wrestling career
  • Stampede Wrestling and the Quebec independent scene
  • Getting ribbed by the Harts
  • Some of his favourite performers in Stampede
  • The Dark Side of the Ring series
  • His appearance in the Brawl for All
  • If he felt fulfilled winning the WWF Tag Team Championships
  • How he feels his career would have changed had he won a world’s championship earlier
  • Winning the ROH World Heavyweight Championship
  • If he feels he’s accomplished his goal of growing ROH as a promotion
  • Being booked for All In
  • Working with Destro
  • How the Frankenstein character has paralleled his life
  • Working with Bret “the Hitman” Hart
  • His documentary

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Conversations With Love 82: A Conversation With PCO


Some of his favourite performers in Stampede Wrestling

PCO: “I was amazed by what Chris Benoit was doing. I was a big sign of his when I was watching the Friday night shows. Like, I got in the arena and I was watching the shows, and Chris and Owen (Hart) were probably the top two guys in my book, you know, the guys that I like watching wrestling. Brian Pillman also was pretty good. Pillman was there, I enjoyed Pillman, Benoit was probably my favourite one there, and Owen as there, too, with Chris. But, I never got the chance to wrestle them until we did some TV tapings in France for Otto Vance, and then we were in the same dressing room and around each other and in WCW. I saw Chris many times during my career.”

Working with Bret “the Hitman” Hart

SL: I would be doing a sin and a great disservice to my listeners if I didn’t ask you about the match with Bret Hart. As an Albertan podcast, as an Albertan wrestling fan, I’d probably get shot if I didn’t ask you about it. How much did it mean to you when you found out that it was going to be included on Brett’s DVD? That was my first experience watching you wrestle!”

PCO: “I was very, very flattered by that. I was really proud of that. To me, it was like an achievement because (of) how many guys that Bret had wrestled. Like, how many - like, what, he’s got, like, over a 20-year carrier. I don’t know how many years. I’m not talking about England or Calgary, Stampede, or Japan, just WWF itself. (He) had been in the ring with all the greatest guys. So just to be picked to be on the Dungeon collection (from) Bret Hart, that was an awesome achievement and good news. Yeah, (it) felt really good.

PCO: ”Actually, Brett was one of my favourite guys to work with and against. I had him on a tour and oh man. He was over all over the place, but Germany (it) was like Michael Jackson coming out of the bus. I mean, I’ve seen girls crying just seeing him. Just him getting out of the bus, I’ve seen girl crying, like shaking and almost passing out. It was so-“

SL: ”For what it’s worth, I started jumping up and down when I found out I was gonna talk to you!”

PCO: “(laughs) But, just seeing that on the tour and wrestling him every night you know, in the main events in Germany was pretty awesome. And, In Your House, (I) wrestled him twice on - one time, and it was probably the last match of the night in Nashville, this one was just like a - I think that they wanted to see how me and Bret would gel before they put us in a rivalry.”

SL: “Sort of test the waters first?

PCO: “Yeah, yeah, and I had done very good. It was a good match, and then, I guess they asked Bret ‘do you want to work with him? You know, do you want to get into a feud with him?’ Bret came to me and said ‘we’re gonna feud for a while,’ so that was awesome. He was really - (he’s) a guy that, he’s really tough to get around when you’re not wrestling. Like, he was a lot by himself, doing his own things, minding his own business, but nice to everybody. But, when you had a match, an important match, (A) pay-per-view with him, he would say - he would give you his phone number, he would say ‘call me (at) home, we’ll discuss this. We’ll put some ideas together.’ He was really, really, really pro about matches. Even if he had like tons of interviews to do in the afternoon, it was like “Bret, here we need you, Bret here and Bret there,’ he would make sure that we (would) have enough time to get together and get a great match. So yeah, very professional. He always wants to steal the show and to be up to the task, and that was a - I’ve had like problems with other guys, me and Brett, we were always cool.”

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