Few Canadian professional wrestlers of the past decade have reached the heights of Victoria’s Chelsea Green. The Storm Wrestling Academy graduate and former ECCW/All-Star Wrestling standout has worked her way through a number of the world’s top promotions on her way to the WWE and now occupies a premier spot on one of the top televised wrestling programs in the world, NXT.

Green recently joined Spencer Love of the Conversations With Love podcast to chat about the Canadian wrestling scene and some of her favourite Canadian pro wrestlers. The full interview can be found here.

Please credit Spencer Love of the WCSN for any transcriptions used.

The Canadian pro wrestling scene:

“Isn’t it amazing? There’s so many people that haven’t been seen. Even Nicole Matthews’ boyfriend (Artemis Spencer) - well husband actually, now - he is so freakin’ good, and he still hasn’t been kind of spotted yet. The past couple years, El Phantasmo has been blowing up, which I can’t believe that didn’t happen six years ago. There’s so many freakin’ people that are so good! I love it. I just feel like Canadians know that it’s kind of hard to succeed at anything at life in Canada because we’re in such a bubble. You really have to be the best, or the biggest, or the most outrageous, and I truly think that Canadians just work so hard to prove themselves and to show the world ‘I deserve this chance’ or ‘I deserve the rest of the world to look at me.’”

Why Canadian wrestling is underrated:

“It’s always bugged me, and every time I do an interview now - which is very rare in Canada - but every time I do an interview, I always say ‘guys, open your eyes. We’re not just hockey and lacrosse.’ We have so much more, and it’s unfortunate that I am recognized way more walking down the streets of Florida than I am in my own hometown, or in Vancouver, or in Calgary. It really, really bugs me, and it’s something that has bugged me since Tough Enough. I got on to this massive reality show, and there was not one Canadian publication that said anything about it. I had zero backing from Canada, and if I had have had that support from my Canadians, who knows what would have happened? Who knows if those votes coming in from Canada would have made the difference for me staying there. It’s so unfortunate, and I wish that - I understand the rest of the world not caring about Canada because I think the rest of the world is so focussed on America because America has just built themselves up to be this greater-than-everything-else country. But, it’s like - Canadians! Come on! You have to be supporting your fellow Canadians!”

Which Canadians are under-appreciated:

“I definitely think Artemis (Spencer) deserves a spotlight that he every now and then gets, but he’s so good. He deserves to be in WWE on 205 Live. That’s someone that I truly, truly believe, and there’s a couple of girls on the East Coast that I think are amazing. All-in-all, I think that the girls that come to Shimmer and things like that, those are all girls that deserve all the success in the world. Nicole Matthews deserves the success.”


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