Football Math: Why 12 is Greater than 18

For years, it was the glitz and glamour match-up in the NFL, THE rivalry! The game to tune in to!

Tom v Peyton!

Brady v Manning!

But really, is it even a question anymore? It’s time to put this debate to bed because I am, and you should be, tired of this debate. The argument is weak, if you’re pro-Peyton, because after Super Bowl 51, it’s clear who the GOAT is - -and it ain’t 18. That title goes to 12, Tom Brady.

Super Bowl 51 should be the nail in the coffin.  Could you picture Manning pulling off that kind of comeback? All I can imagine is 4 quarters of the classic Manning sideline face.

Peyton Manning, for a good portion of his career, had a losing record in the playoffs. It took until Super Bowl 50 to finish with a winning record (14 wins, 13 losses). He was with a team that was usually favoured in those match-ups.

Brady, meanwhile, now has 25 wins in the playoffs versus only 9 losses. He has more playoff wins than 28 other NFL franchises.

I’ll give Manning this; he was the greatest regular season quarterback ever (is that considered a backhanded compliment?). His MVP awards give him that honour. His stats are all-time, his numbers are elite…


Brady’s numbers aren’t that far behind plus he’s got 3 to 4 years left. I cannot foresee the rapid decline in 12 that happened in 18. Manning, at the end, was tough to watch as he noodle-armed his way through his final game, with an elite defense there to bail him out.

The game is played for the ring. The championship! What do you think Cam Newton would have preferred to win last year? What would Matt Ryan have preferred this year?

12 equals 5 (rings) > 18 equals 2 (rings).

That’s math that makes sense.

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