Of The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL - Which One Has The Most Exciting Playoff Race?

Let’s agree that in North America the Big 4 in sports are as follows (in order): NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. Now let’s try to figure out which of those big 4 sports has the most exciting playoff race? We will start with round table answers then a look into what social media has to say.

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Trevor Eliott: NFL only allows one team per division plus two wild cards to compete in the playoffs. Based on the limited number of games (16) in the season, the NFL wildcard is often more difficult to obtain than the MLB. It is much more likely that an underdog makes the NFL playoffs because they had a few bounces go their way. MLB is more endurance based where lesser teams drop off over time.

Kail Schofield: I would say the NFL competition is the most exciting. Because of the short-season, the game’s mean so much more. Even with the wild-card implemented in baseball, interest tends to wane because the season feels so long. The wild-card element has definitely given more of a boost to the race excitement, but it still feels like most teams taper off.

Joshua Berube: The shortened season of the NFL and the reality that any given Sunday, an upset can happen. It’s one game, winner moves on, loser goes home. MLB’s second wild card has made the Division worth that much more. Who wants to be the wild card and have to play their best pitcher to then become at a disadvantage in the next series. The original wild card in baseball made more sense. The 2nd wild card has more teams vying for the playoffs which keeps interest longer but the NFL is clearly more exciting, not to mention more people follow a team not their own in the playoffs for NFL.

Len Nunes: The MLB wild card race is the best of the “big 4″in part because they allow the least amount of teams into the postseason. The NHL seems to have the most teams competing for a playoff spot but they also let more than half the league into the postseason. The NBA is the least exciting cause whoever is sneaking into the final playoff spot is DOA in the first round. Cannot comment on the NFL as this guy is a CFL fan. In terms of playoff race in Canadian football, it’s a joke as 6 of 9 teams make the playoffs.

Spencer Love: I don’t really have much to contribute to be honest; however, I will say that even as a non-baseball fan, I pay attention to the wildcard standings. It’s definitely entertaining!

The vote among five of the staff writers splits 3-2 in favor of the NFL. Ever in search of the “real’ answer, we even put the question out on Twitter where currently the MLB is winning the vote.

What’s your say? Which of the “big 4” do you believe has the most exciting playoff race?

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