We have reached week five in our MLB Survivor Pool. You know what that means right? “I dread this week lol“, “Looking at the teams I’ve got left and it’s definitely getting more difficult but I’ve got a few good teams to pick from. It’s just a matter of how do I preserve them so I’m not left picking the Reds, Marlins and Padres“. The complaining has begun as we have reached the halfway point of teams being selected - reminder, we are only allowed to pick a team once - so selecting series’ now requires a bit more thought. Feel free to play along with us on social media.

Ian Wilson: albertadugoutstories.com

  1. Rockies over Marlins; Staying the course with my “anybody but the Marlins” routine…it’s gotten me this far. Sorry Miami.
  2. Mets over Padres; New York’s “other” team has been doing just fine. Let’s hope they keep rolling over San Diego this weekend.
  3. Blue Jays over Rangers; I don’t trust the Jays but they should be better than Texas. Bartolo Colon may do enough to get a win but who knows if the bullpen will hold it.

Alexandro Zatarain: TheAOSN.com

  1. Phillies over Braves; Two teams that have impressed so far in this young season, these NL East division rivals look to supplant each other. Both squads are currently top-10 in scoring and both rank 11th or better in ERA. Their Friday and Saturday pitching match-ups are solid, so expect a split. Sunday will likely be a rubber match, where I’ll take the Phillies to win the series.
  2. Rockies over Marlins ;I rue the week where I have to pick the Marlins. Fortunately, they get to play at home against the Rockies. The kicker in this match-up will be pitching. Both teams have some of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. The Rockies are far superior in run production, which is where the Marlins must worry. This is even despite that fact both teams rank in the bottom five in batting average. The Rockies make their at bats count when it matters.
  3. DBacks over Nationals; The Nationals have not fared as well as someone would think so far. Of course, there is no reason to worry as it is early in the season. The Diamondbacks have one of the best pitching staffs in the league, which is what will make the difference in this series. Having to go through Zack Godley, Patrick Corbin, and Robbie Ray will prove to be a challenge for the Nats.

Austin Chalker

  1. Mets over Padres; They are still healthy at the moment and that rotation is legit.
  2. Blue Jays over Rangers; It’s probably foolish, but I’m gonna take the Blue Jays and hope they get revenge for me against the Rangers, who let me down last week.
  3. Rockies overs Marlins; Everyone else got to pick on the Marlins last week so it’s my turn this week. I’ll take Colorado in that series.

Joshua Berube

  1. Royals over WhiteSox; God help me!
  2. Yankees over Angels; Just closed my eyes and threw at the dart board!
  3. Reds over Twins

Tony Ducey

  1. Blue Jays over Rangers; Blue Jays are playing some great baseball to start the season. The Rangers are struggling. Easy pick.
  2. Orioles over Tigers; Orioles are at home this weekend and will get a series win over a Tigers team that is also below .500 to start the season.
  3. Twins over Reds. It’s an interleague also ran match-up this weekend, give me the Twins who are at home.

Len Nunes

  1. Nationals over Dbacks; Although I prefer Paul Goldschmidt, A.J. Pollock and company over Bryce Harper and company, I still believe the Nats are the more “legit” regular season team.
  2. Baltimore over Tigers; I didn’t think the Orioles would be this bad until they traded Manny Machado. I have more faith in them than I have in the Tigers.
  3. Cubs over Brewers; I remember earlier in the season there was a run on the Brewers beating the Cubs which didn’t go well for those participants. I watched and learned.


  1. White Sox over Royals; The Sox have had a good start, led by Matt Davidson. This team can beat the Royals, as they have done so already this year.
  2. Dodgers over Giants; The Giants have struggled early this year, and the Dodgers are hitting the ball well. The Giants pitching will not be able to slow down this offense led by Cody Bellinger.
  3. Tigers over Orioles; Despite struggling early, the Tigers have proven that they can compete with some teams while rebuilding. The rotation led by Michael Fulmer has shown flashes of dominance and the lineup can score runs when they need to.


  1. Rockies over Marlins
  2. Blue Jays over Rangers
  3. Orioles over Tigers
MLB Survivor Pool Week 5: Halfway Through The League

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